Man, I miss the herb

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ExodusToker, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So here's my situation, I'm home for Summer break from college. For the past two Summers (I've been smoking since October of 2010) I've been using the Summer as a super long tolerance break to essentially re-evaluate my life from a sober vantage point.

    Last school year (not this past school year, the one before) I smoked occasionally with my friends, it really wasn't a huge part of my life and thus when Summer came it really wasn't a big deal, I was fiending the first week back but after that it was no big deal.

    This past school year on the other hand I really got into the stoner lifestyle, smoked weed all day every day. At some point it lost it's original luster, the herb didn't make me feel as great as it used to (that's a whole other story that I'll elaborate on in a separate thread). Nonetheless I continued to get stoned until Summer break came up. At that point I just dropped the herb like it was nothing. I didn't really think about it much until about a week ago.

    I miss the feelings that I used to get under the influence, the way I could step away from reality for a little while and just think about things from essentially a third person's perspective. The evenings baking out my friends car or dorm and just doing random shit and laughing our asses off at it, the munchies... It was like my fortress of solitude and I want it back badly, however I cannot as I don't have any connects at home.

    I'll be back to school in a little over two weeks but it's hitting me hard now. Has anyone else been through this? This is all new to me ha.
  2. stay strong my brotha.(or sista?)
    I'm breakin for a job i might get. mid sept im smokin the fattest stickiest dankiest blunt ive ever had. it'll be worth it, for both of us.
  3. Yeah man, tolerance breaks are always worth it in the end. I'm more of a glass guy myself, packing my dub bub tight. Her name is Isabella and she holds about a gram if packed right xD
  4. I feel you on this one bro. I use to smoke all day everyday in my last two years of high school. I can smoke whenever I want still, but I got to be responsible and get some shit straight in my life first. Since I turned 18 two months ago, I want to get my life on track for the real world, so I don't have to rely on my family that much. If I get this job coming up in September, I'm going to get my Med Card, so it will be all worth the wait.
  5. I bet it helps a lot that you started posting in a marijuana forum. I'll quit in solidarity for you. JK.

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