man dies of marijuana poisening

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by ForTwentyLove, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Understand where you just heard this.NEW YORKS BIGGEST ROCK STATION.The media will do what it will to deface the name of Cannibis...Dont beleive the media..:smoking:
  2. There was math done to fine the LD50 of marijuana....and the numbers were so ridiculous it wouldnt even be the THC killing you, it would be the smoke and lack of o2.... they said the amount of THC in the smoke would require you to inhale around your body weight in smoke, in a few seconds, to hit the LD for cannabis...smoke weighs...almost nothing.... im sure 50-60 gallon jugs filled with smoke is probably around a pound of if you weigh 120 would need to hit down like a stadium full of smoke.......... never gonna happen
  3. id fully expect to get sick and die if i smoked six joints a day every day for eleven years.

    smoking is a toxic delivery system...
  4. 01-26-2004, 08:59 PM

    just sayin

  5. thats like 24090 joints man..... say its a gram a joint... thats 860 fucking ounces.... i smoke an oz every 2 weeks, so about 26 oz's a year.... thats still only like 275 oz's in 11 one needs to fucking smoke anywhere near that much to stay high
  6. Seriously. Where are these kids finding these old ass threads?

    And it is ALWAYS someone with only a few posts
  7. lol, wow. I think the only way marijuana could kill you is if maybe you were allergic to it or something and from what I understand that is extremely rare. there is absolutely no way marijuana is what killed this guy. he probably had a brain aneurism(sp) or something. there is no such thing as marijuana "poisoning".

    propaganda:rolleyes: this kind of thing pisses me off something fierce.
  8. I believe you mean to be posting on Apprentice...

  9. I blame the search function, there should be some sort of popup that warns the person when they are bumping threads older than like 4 months or something
  10. I'm 100% sure this is bullshit. The marijuana didn't kill him.

    Edit: Old thread. Okay.

  11. they find something with a low amount of posts so their opinion is "one of the first" and isnt in a jumble of nonsense that its going to get skipped they just go find old, short threads and make a point hahahahahahhaahah or try to

  12. well if marijuana is so great then why didnt it stop him from dying.

    after all those joints he shouldve been a fucking superman.
  13. marijuana is so great it killed him before the sight of his mother fucking his dog would have if he entered the room, just to relieve his last moments on this planet

  14. haha yea they left out the part that minutes after he dies, his mom rapes his dog, then his dog fucking kills his mom via biting off her boobs then jumping out the window in confusing also dying and landing on top of his girlfriend who also died cause the dog falling obviously broke her neck....yea the totally just skipped out on how if he HADNT died...shit woulda sucked for him for the rest of his life hahahahahahha

  15. and because of marijuana the dog didn't freak out when he entered the room thus killing his mom and being so grieved about his interspecies relationship he kills himself and also killing the other ones girlfriend who happened to be on outside and instead the dog his mom and his girlfriend all live happily ever after cept for that one guy who died cuz of the marijuana

    it makes perfect goddamn sense
  16. Well if it is true that I highly doubt

    we had a pretty good run :p

  17. Ive always thought this about that one anti pot commercial where the kids dog fucking tells him to stop getting high... does that dog realize that kids cancer is super painful and the weed helps...nope....the dog is only thinking about how it wants its fucking walk and some food and is too selfish to consider the benefits the weed is having on its one told THAT side of the story
  18. i think ive seen that one. isnt it a girl though? and the dogs all like 'you were supposed to take me out to play, but you forgot about me because youre a selfish pothead'

    and then theres that one where those fools are hotboxing in the drive thru, laughing it up and having a hell of a time, and just as theyre pulling out theres this little girl on a tricycle, she just comes barreling into the drive thru like she owns it, and of course she dies.

  19. I dunno hahahaah i havent seen it in years, i do remember the one very well tho with the couple sitting there. and the guys like yo imma puff this shit you care, she is like uuuuh... yea... i do... then some fucking aliens come, and she is just like you know what...imma go hang with the smoke your joint.... like going into a space craft with unknown male entities from unknown places that are taking you god knows where, is safe...... then she gets probed and prodded and farmed by aliens for her sweet sweet human milk then thrown to the alien wolves when she is all old and useless
  20. "i'll be outside..."

    [ame=]YouTube - Anti-Drug Dog[/ame]

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