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Man died of cannabis!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by g33kr4m, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. I read this at It said in the article because of cannabis poisoning. This news makes me a little confused about the effects of marijuana, but I also think there's more to this news than meets the eye. Give me your opinions about it!
  2. Actually the article that g33kr4m is referring to is a different article. Same death, different reporting. I still don't buy it because there isn't enough info to back it up, in my opinion. They at least gave more info than The Sun. I emailed The Sun and let them know what I thought of their reporting.

    Cannabis is Blamed as Cause of Man's Death
    Posted by CN Staff on January 19, 2004 at 23:50:11 PT
    By Richard Savill
    Source: Daily Telegraph

    A man of 36 is believed to have become the first person in Britain to die directly from cannabis poisoning.
    Lee Maisey smoked six cannabis cigarettes a day for 11 years, an inquest heard. His death, which was registered as having been caused by cannabis toxicity, led to new warnings about the drug, which is due to be reclassified this month as a less dangerous one.

    "This type of death is extremely rare," Prof John Henry, a toxicologist at Imperial College, London, said after the inquest at Haverfordwest, west Wales.

    "I have not seen anything like this before. It corrects the argument that cannabis cannot kill anybody."

    The inquest heard that Mr Maisey had complained of a headache on Aug 22 last year. Next morning he was found dead at the house he shared with a friend, Jeffrey Saunders, in Summerhill, Pembrokeshire.

    Michael Howells, the Pembrokeshire coroner, said Mr Maisey was free from disease and had not drunk alcohol for at least 48 hours. Post-mortem tests showed a high level of cannabinoids in his blood.

    He recorded a verdict of death by misadventure because Mr Maisey had died while taking part in an illegal activity. The death led to a warning about the changing strength of cannabis, which is to be reduced to a Class C drug on Jan 29.

    Dr Philip Guy, a lecturer in addictions at the University of Hull, said: "Cannabis is not the nice hippy drug it used to be. It has been experimented with to produce stronger varieties."

    Dr Guy said that death was more likely if users ate the drug rather than smoked it. "I would not be surprised if in this case the deceased had ingested a fatal amount of cannabis."

    Last autumn police issued a warning that big consignments of strong cannabis were being smuggled in from Africa. On Jan 29, cannabis will be reclassified from a class B to a class C drug.

    The shadow home secretary, David Davis, said last night: "This highlights what we have been saying about the effects of cannabis all along. When will people wake up to the fact that cannabis can be a harmful drug?

    "By reclassifying the drug David Blunkett has shown he has lost the war on drugs. In my eyes, it's nothing more than an admission of failure."

    Tristan Millington-Drake, the chief executive of the Chemical Dependency Centre, a charity that provides treatment for people with drug problems, said: "We have always taken the view that cannabis is an addictive drug, unlike the pedlars who try to persuade us that it is harmless. The Government's decision to reclassify cannabis is a mistake."

    Source: Daily Telegraph (UK)
    Author: Richard Savill
    Published: January 20, 2004
    Copyright: 2004 Telegraph Group Limited
  3. Thats a bunch of shit'n shit!!!!
  4. l smoked 40 to 50 bongs a day for 10 years ,a friend of mine has been smoking about 30 bongs a day for 32 years.l don,t beleive them.:D
  5. 40 - 50 Holy shit !
  6. Thats some bullshit. Cannabis poisoning fuck that
    Stay High
  7. It's just waaaay too fishy that they'd pull crap like this right when decriminalization is on the horizon.

  8. I don't believe it either, Critter. I've been getting high for almost 17 years and 8 of those years has been everyday except for a few breaks. I'd think if someone was going to die from MaryJane it would have been one of us and a long time ago.

    I bet if they dug his body back up and had other forensic scientists check him out then they'd find the real cause of death. If I were one of his family members, I'd demand that someone else find out why he really died.

  9. Agreed!

    "On Jan 29, cannabis will be reclassified from a class B to a class C drug."

    The article is dated 10 days before the reclassification date.
  10. Yeah I think I'm gonna hafta call bullshit on that also. I mean I've gone through a smoke session where we went through an oz of pretty good bud in 4 hours between 3 people and we didn't even get sick.
    Mary Jane is my friend and I know she wouldn't do that to me :)
  11. Yeah those were some good times. I think I fucking past out after that. It was kill. Stay high
  12. they're trying to say he smoked about 6 joints a day for 11 years and that's what killed him, maybe had something to do with the unfiltered tobacco, from smoking the j's.........i smoke only weed, the vast majority use tobacco, and has/weed..........Peace out.......Sid
  13. Sorry for posting it again. I didn't see the post. Anyway just as Hare said, because decriminalisation is just around the corner they're gonna try and create something to stop it or slow it down. Fools I call them. Marijuana brings us all together, why try to keep us apart?
  15. The guy smoked a total of 24,000 joints in 11 years. He musta been rich.

  16. well fuck me in the left ear hole, thats bloody insane !!!!!!!!!!

    have a complimentary picture....

    Attached Files:

  17. i agree,it's way to fishy,cannabis poisioning(call me dumb,but i've never heard of it) he probably smoked laced pot,
    also was this man's death real and was this man even real?
  18. does class c mean that its a harder drug now? or hows that work, i'd do the research but i'm in the middle of rolling up a joint so that i to can achieve cannabis poisoning.
  19. no it means its down a level as in its not as hard.

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