Man Charged With Murder After His Pit Bulls Maul A Woman To Death.

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    So this case is pretty unique. This man is being charged with murder because his 4 pit bulls mauled a woman to death. He will face life in prison if convicted. 
    "In the fatal Antelope Valley case, Pamela Devitt, 63, was walking on May 9 when she was attacked by a pack of four pit bulls. A passerby spotted the attack and called police.
    A deputy found one of the dogs still attacking the victim when he arrived on scene. Devitt died en route to the hospital as a result of blood loss. Coroner's officials said they found 150 to 200 puncture wounds and sharp force trauma across her body."
    \nThe reason the owner is being charged with murder is because of the violent behavior of his dogs in the past. 
    \nDistrict attorney's spokeswoman Jane Robison said Jackson's dogs were involved in another attack on Jan. 13. In that case, his dogs attacked a horse and the horse kicked back in defense. As the incident escalated, Jackson tossed a rock at the person riding the horse, Robison said."
    \nSo do you think this man deserves life in prison for this? If not, what should his punishment be?
    Also, I just read this in another article "Neighbors in the community have complained about Johnson's dogs before and authorities said they were aware of at least three incidents with law enforcement intervention." Why in the fuck was something not done about these dogs? They attacked a horse and had numerous incidents and still no action was taken. That poor woman would still be alive if action had been taken. 

  2. Life, no.
    But a punishment? Yes.
    He is responsible for his animals, and if they have been violent in the past, he should have trained them properly or removed them. I don't see a reason to keep animals that are known to be wild and dangerous; pitbulls aren't the nicest little rascals. 
  3. In terms of some of the lenient sentences murderers and rapists get, I don't think he should spend his life in prison.  He sounds like an irresponsible piece of shit tho, should be manslaughter
  4. Idk about life in prison but i definitely think he should be sentenced to some sort of jail time for manslaughter. His dogs should be put down and he should not be allowed to own dogs anymore, once his sentence is served.
  5. And its sad that bc of this pit bulls get a bad rep.  They are some of the best dogs you could ever have, so awesome.  I wouldn't feel at all bad if he got a hefty punishment
    I know some of the friendliest pitbulls you'd ever come in contact with, and I've also come across some mean ass dogs bred to be mean, a dog is going to take after it's owner. Pitbulls can be nicer than any other dog out there, they just have a bad rap because they're much worse when they attack someone.
  7. Yeah it really is so sad the pits get a bad rep because of the dipshits that own them. Pits are one of my favorite breeds and I would love to  have my own one day. 
  8. Yup, guess I've been influenced by the stereotypes. 
  9. I can't think of a more energetic and fun dog..they are so friendly too.  I miss mine
  10.  If you haven't been around a great pit but see the mean and aggressive ones (looking at you like they wish they could rip your throat open) or know someone who's had a bad experience you are gonna think they are a bad breed. 
    Personally I hate rottweilers because I witnessed an attack.  
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    Once a dog knows 'kill' he should be put down. This is a sad thread and not even for dude....those dogs didnt ask for any of this.

    May they rest in peace my loves.

    I actually know the AV quite Well...and i Wouldnt doubt if the dude was training them to fight. Theres alot of that here. Fuckin scum. Dogs dont get like that unless their not social or trained and even more, Loved.

    The guy should get manslaughter not murder. And shouldnt own a dog again.
    And stop judging by breeds if you dont judge by race.
  12. Manslaughter not murder. I wouldn't care if they gave him life.

    Its one thing to have an agressive dog. My dogs a beast. But you shouldn't be letting it rome the neighborhood.
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    i agree manslaughter
    replies in this thread are predictable, about a dog being as aggressive as it was trained...definitely not true in all cases, there are definite known aggressive breeds that have a statistical track record that you can't really just deny.  there is a rotty that just moved in next door, all it does is bark andbark and growl everytime myself or the kids or anyone is outside.  kids are afraid to play in the backyard. 
    and we raised 3 english mastiffs that ended up being between 165 and 212 pounds full grown.  we loved theliving hell out of them!  had to put 2 of them down, whole family cried like a baby.  but they still were occasionally aggressive and it's simply animalistic instinct. 
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    i agree any dogs animal instinct can be agressive. But When you train it as your HIS Pack leader they should never get agressive without your command.

    They need more training n prolly more room for space. Dogs that big are not really family dogs. You need to put them to work. Theyre searchin for a job from you. Theyll go apeshit till they get agressive.

    I have a 90lb staffy bull, and he plays with kids, shit iv seen kids walk by my backyard n stick there hands in my fence to play with charlie. And charlie licks.em up. He does tend to chew on hands When ya pet them but say no bite in a firm voice n he lossens up....Its all about consistency.

    Also breeding n genetics have a HUGE part of a dogs health n temperment.

    In this case, These dogs were def not trained, im sure of it. Theyre aggression came from neglect and being unloved.
  15. I don't think life but he should be punished.. I don't know this is a really tough one I would hate to be the judge or jury in this one.
  16. The owner had 7-9 (forget exact number) dogs all of which were aggressive breeds.. 
  17. Makes me fucking sick when I hear stuff like this. 
    I don't think life, but at least 10-20..
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    Yes, any dogs animal instinct can be aggressive but it's very hard to deny that a rotty or pit bull get aggressive more often....compared to a poodle. its hard to explain whart  i'm thinking because i've smoked anddrank somuch, but i promise man.  ctually i dont promise, i forgot entirely what this post was about and havent looked at the quote or beginning yet to determine what theOP was actually hang on...
    yeah, those dogs werent trained.  ourmastiffs were, but i must say that the times they were aggressive they might have beenprovoked if it was aggression towarss people....they were all fairly territorial when it came to other pooches though
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    He definitely deserves a few years in jail, and should not be allowed to own any animals. But life? Come on that's pretty harsh.  There are thousands of people who actually commit brutal murders with their own two hands and don't get life..

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