Man can you believe this person

Discussion in 'General' started by Vashi123, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. "Hey, Shirley it's Alen Colmes...- what's wrong with you?" haha
  2. fuck that bitch, shes evil
  3. that person is EVIL
  4. I must admit she has a rather dashing smile.
  5. It's amazing how easily people can be brainwashed. It sickens me when people fail to realize that this country has something called separation of church and state. Not everyone believes what you believe, and that should be respected. Religion should not be a public thing... atheists don't come into churches trying to tell people that God isn't real, so why should these people feel that they're in the position to come out in public and force their beliefs on others? There was someone on my college campus last semester just standing there on the corner with this huge sign that said "Homos, Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, Blacks, Transvestites, Unsubmissive wives, drug users, you're all going to burn in hell!" Why don't organizations like this realize that they're not spreading their message, they're just making themselves look like ignorant idiots?
  6. they shouldnt get tv coverage either
  7. you should look up videos of pastor phelps I think he's that ladies father and he used to be the leader of their cult before he died, he'd be all ranting "YOUR GONNA EAT YOUR BABIES!!" and stuff like that it's rediculous
  8. Holy fuckin shit dude! I'm almost speechless by how stupid that bitch is!

    I was formerly a very devout Baptist, and that lady is a disgrace to Baptists everywhere. For the record, most Baptists aren't that extreme in their views, and not so cold-hearted. You'd never see anyone from any of my old churches out at a funeral protesting and telling people they're going to hell...

    If there really is a heaven or hell, that bitch will likely be burning in hell...

    EDIT: For clarification, I'm not calling her a "bitch" because she's a female... When I say "that bitch" it's because that lady, IMHO, really is a bitch.
  9. yeah I saw this about a year ago, so fucked up on so many levels. Im suprised she isnt dead yet, I really do hope some1 gets mad enough to snipe her ass.
  10. Westboro baptist church. I know all about them...
    Personally I believe they are just STRICT christains, they follow everything in the bible, just extreme. Maybe that's how "God" wants Christianity..
    No offense.
  11. shirley phelps is a nut. she's funny when she calls in to the adam carolla show from time to time. definitely a nutjob...a nutjob that will continue as long as people give her attention

    she also makes up parodies of military songs for each branch of the military and changes the words to be anti-military. turn off the spotlight and she'll shut up eventually

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