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  1. Are these both males?

    IMG_20160317_172138_2.jpg IMG_20160317_172208_2.jpg
  2. Hey bud! It's seems to be alittle to early to be 100% give it a few more days if the white hairs pop from those then obviously it's a female but it could also still be a male or a hermie. Time will tell just had to throw out 6 plants last week all males sadly I think I have one hermie so it's outside away from the females

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  3. I'd agree that it's too early to tell. the first photo is indeterminate, but I can definitely see why you might think the plant in the second is male. as male flower or female calyx start to form at the nodes during sexing, the early stages often look pretty similar between male and female plants. I've had plants that I really thought were going to open up a male flower suddenly pop a white hair out and surprise me with strong consistent female growth. I'll definitely give it another look if you post some more pics as it matures.
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