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  1. 1A178AA9-8117-45B7-ADC7-3C55ED5558B6.jpeg Hi I’m new here. We decided to try and grow a few plants outside almost 2 months ago. Can anyone tell me by this pic if they are male or female? Or is it too early? I think the right one is definitely female. I don’t see pollen sacs. But yeah the right one is growing white looking hairs in certain spots and at the bottom of it, it appears to have a flower growing. If I need to get better pics I will. I moved the right one over a lot more after inspection.
  2. A close up is required.
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  3. Thanks. I’ll get some when I go back outside.
  4. If you did that because you were worried that possible female might catch pollen from one of your potential males, well.........that little bit of distance will NOT
  5. Yeah I know lol. I’m just not sure in general because they’ve been growing next to each other since day 1 anyway. It’s just the right one is either more mature or idk lol. I’ll have to get better pics. But that right one definitely has white hairs coming out of it and on the bottom of it, there’s a bunch of little bunches up leaves with a definite flower head coming out. Then the ones towards the top have some white hairs. I wish I knew better lingo to describe all this lol. Regardless it’s an experiment as I rarely even smoke anymore but had a bunch of seeds saved overtime. And they were all random, once in awhile seeds, that pop up in high grade here and there.
  6. There are no pollen sacs forming though. I’m aware of the appearance of those because we grew shit seeds one time and it was a huge sativa male plant after time. We have done another grow that started late back when my ex was here and had to bring inside. It was starting to die so we just took the bud that it grew and dried that out. Was maybe like a quarter of an oz. if we would have started outside at the appropriate time there would have been more. Honestly though it was very potent for the small amount that was produced that tome. We were very surprised.
  7. LOL TRUUST ME....your lingo of "white hairs" will ring a bell with most members on here.

    I can't be 100% without close up pics but I'd say congrats are in's a girl.:yay::jump::passing-joint:
  8. Lmao thanks man. Yeah I’ll definitely get some close up ones next time I go outside. Still have 2 more months of heat and sun so hopefully all works out. We did this at the right time. My father has some knowledge and back a couple months ago he was insisting “if you wanna try growing some shit, you better get it out there soon” lol.
  9. (use Photoshop to insert some Perlite into the soil, or else you'll get hammered.)
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  10. 0489F413-69D6-4DCE-8820-B9BA7D7BA4BD.jpeg 19150BD0-00D9-4B6F-8590-A718971FC8F7.jpeg D861BB2E-7E13-46F7-A2B3-47A1AC2ACF47.jpeg DEE2D310-28E1-4889-98CE-D40261AB9680.jpeg Here’s some better pics. I think this is female, the first 2 pics. Then I think the next one is hermaphrodite and the other is males. There are 3 plants per pot. But yeah I think the first 2 pics are definitely female because of the flower heads growing and when I touch them they are sticky. Hermi has no buds yet but no pollen sacs either and the last one I see pollen sacs growing.
  11. It looks like you've got spider mites.
  12. There’s definitely little bugs making holes here and there. Probably need to spray more bug repellent around the area so bugs stay away or get poisoned and die. Otherwise, does anyone agree the first 2 pics are definitely female? Like I said the heads with the white colored hairs are sticky to touch. Smell amazing too. That one fully developed flower head is towards the bottom of the pot with what I think are females. Must be a different strain too. It’s the shortest one too with that flower. In the second picture.
  13. Huh? Lol sorry I don’t know too much. I think that was sarcasm right? Lol

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