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    Newer plant I’m almost 100% sure it’s a male but this is my 2nd grow and I had no male plants on the first one. Thought I’d doublecheck before I took it out because it will likely die after because it’s too hot here.

    The preflowers look pointed like a female but no hairs yet. The plant is around 11-12 weeks old at this point I think they should’ve already shown correct?
  2. Those look like the start of branches to me.
    The plant isn't going to show sex, really, until you switch the lights or (heaven forbid) it's a Ruderalis hybrid (autoflower).
  3. I see %50 chance it will be a male
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  4. Better wait a day or two...
  5. They’re bag seed. I have two of them that are 100% female and this one is harder to confirm. They’re definitely preflowers in the photos.

    And how long can you leave the male in until it pollinates? Do I remove before switching to 12/12 or a little bit after?
  6. The male won't pollinate until the flowers open...
    Here is an image of both open and closed male parts...


    This is an unusual formation. Probably trained that way for the picture.

    You have a good week at least from when the balls show to when you need to worry.
  7. Thanks man. Very helpful!

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