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  1. So my best looking plants preflowers are kind of showing them selves as male. I'm really hoping there's still a chance of this plant being female. Does this look like a male or female. All the photos are of the same plant. Screenshot_20190727-210552_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190727-210543_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190727-210532_Gallery.jpg 20190727_182315.jpg 20190727_182236.jpg 20190727_182146.jpg

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  2. Male
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  3. One day isn't called patience, i still cant really tell with those photos. 3rd pic from bottom looks male because it has a stalk.
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  4. Looks male to me.
  5. That is a Bruce Jenner.
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  6. Cant tell. We need 12 more photos
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