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  1. Are these pollen sacks? Or the start of flowers? Cannot really see any pistils just yet

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  2. From first pic, I think its male. In my experience, the pistils develop as soon as the calyx shows up. I can't say for sure on the second picture, which shows a freaky phenotype; usually you see fan leaf then stalk, then fan leaf and stalk. Here I see fan leaf and calyx? idk I took a closeup and maybe there is a pistil?

    Maybe just wait a couple days.
  3. That is a male.
  4. Sorry should’ve said, they’re actually two different plants. The other 3 in the tent are defo female but as you say those leaves are growing out of weird places and look like possible flower/pollen sac. Through my research I’ve only ever seen the pollen sacks closer to the main stalk.
    The pistils on the other plants are very obvious and struggling to find any on those two plants
  5. I’m wondering if maybe they’ve been stressed and turned hermie’s. Some definite signs of pistils on both plants. Might also explain the odd phenotype.

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