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  1. 49B2BE63-4069-4BE8-932E-CB7207AF2A95.jpeg B5562287-6FB7-4671-BDD8-856BBF0BEAD2.jpeg 5D24B38A-C099-44E4-A190-F41EF4851AD2.jpeg B548C03E-FBFE-4793-A301-8EE410D6FB1B.jpeg looks male to me? Can’t get a definitive answer sadly
  2. Think so yea. Not sure though
    Why do so many people ask if it's male or female where I live u can just buy feminised seeds, all four of my plants are female?
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  3. Yeah but to be fair feminised seeds are more likely to go hermie from my understanding

    ^ although not one to talk clearly
  4. didn't run into that problem yet, we'll see
  5. This forum is shit no one has an input on what is probably the easiest question , fucking joke
  6. uhm okay, not in my experience
  7. I’ve asked 3 times not one answer
  8. I've gotten really usefull awnsers every time, It's just that I know basics of plants, growing weed is kinda new for me, They just look male because I don't see any white hairs. the plant could just be young and they might still develope
  9. Well done you said it looked it same as
    Someone else, so i threw it, thanks

  10. Fuck you and this shit forum I asked 3 times today and nothing and you come
    Along with your half explained answer
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  11. well you know it's male don't ask questions you know the anwser to, you just don't wanna hear the awnser cause you didn't buy feminised and now you've got males, I can't change the plants DNA for you
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  12. Idiot I’ve been informed it’s not actually a male it’s too early to tell, therefore your misguided information has costed me , tosser
  13. that is just the awnser u wanted to hear. My budsites didn't look anything like this and u also didn't tell me how old your girls are so don't put the blame on me
  14. Not like you asked lol and I thought an experienced Dutchee such as yourself would be a good person to listen to what a dope
  15. certified not experienced. I still think it's a male, they might be young, but all four of my plants had white hairs coming out of them, prove me wrong by responding right here 2 weeks with new pics
  16. the picks are ok but the plant is not yet showing possitive sex one way or the other - I have had plants in veg for up to 12 weeks before I could tell sex for sure - If you want to find out sooner you can take a clone and put in 12/12 and in about 1 week you will know for sure
  17. Deal, but your not 100 yourself are you lol?
  18. May just be tired idk, goodluck on ur grow!
  19. If this is your attitude, you don't deserve an answer.
  20. Well i got one anyway so keep to your own business and mind mine

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