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  1. Hey all. Is this a male or too early to tell.? Almost 6 week veg.

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  2. look for testicles...

    ...testicles are a sure fire sign if somthing is a male...
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  3. it wont show in veg
  4. I always recommend this site because they have a ton of info and a lot of pictures.

    Male vs Female Cannabis Plants | Grow Weed Easy

    It sure does look like a male, sorry. By 6 weeks veg you can usually tell. You may give it a few more days to be sure.
  5. I've gotten pretty good at identifying males. I grew from bagseed my first three tries. 3 times in a row I grew males. Then on the fourth try I had a female. I use a 100x magnifying scope. You can see the preflowers or balls pretty early with the right equipment. Bags, balls, sacs, nuts, whatever. Its not preflowers.
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  6. Its a male, pull it.
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  7. Do you have anything else going? I think it's a male. IT's hard to tell from pics though. Sorry for your loss, mate.
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  8. so im right about it not showing in a web pic yet?
  9. Yeah. You're right. It's hard to tell from the pics. At least for me. I don't claim to be an expert. Looks like he caught it pretty quick. When I'm waiting for preflowers I check every morning with the scope until I see something. You're right. It's unmistakable.
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  10. When it's getting towards the end of veg it will show. You're right. My last one showed after probably 10 days or so of 12/12. It was still technically in veg I guess. I don't keep track of weeks really. I go by how the plant looks.
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  11. Thanks for the help. First timer here. Still in 18/6. Plant shows 2 small balls on either side. Wanted to catch early make room for others. Unfortunately 2 more showing same signs. Will probably leave a bit longer.
  12. I oftentimes wait until I see clusters of balls. I don't think the sacs will burst until later. YOu have time to wait and make sure if you can't tell yet. Sucks if you plants 10 bagseeds you might get 1 or 2 females.
  13. Will any clusters form before switching to 12/12? I have 3 showing male signs out of 5. They are just regular seeds.
  14. I not sure about that one. I've only seen clusters after starting 12/12. 2 out of 5 thats pretty good.
  15. Thanks DanGro. So It is possible to identify males in some cases before switching to flower?
  16. Sure. They will show sex when they are ready is wha I've read. If you veg for 6 weeks, you should start to see something by then. From my experience it's after the switch to 12/12. Anywhere from 2 days to almost 2 weeks. About a week and a half for the last one I had.

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