Male to Female?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by newbu, May 14, 2011.

  1. There are about a million ways to stress a female plant to produce male flowers. :eek:

    Why can't I find anything about forcing a male to show female flowers?:confused:
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  3. Yes I am a n00b and that is why I ask this in the "Absolute Beginners" forum. You may also notice that my username is "newbu" but only since n00b was taken already. Very observant of you to point it out though! I am sure your mother is proud.:hello:

    So why can't I find any information on this?
  4. Derrick feels as though you are not worthy. N00b!11!!!!!1!!!!$124!#$121
  5. Derrick14, without having useful information for the OP - why even respond at all? You are in the beginners section and yet you call someone a noob?

    newbu, I don't know if it's possible or not but if you want a better rate of success. Buy fem'ed seeds from a reputable seed bank.

    From all of the material I've read about growing. I've never read anything about male plants turning female.
  6. @Derrick : we all know this cat is a n00b, smoke a joint and try not to be a dick in the absolute beginners forum

    @Hoofit: you're not funny, take your trollish comments elsewhere.

    @newbu: all i have heard about is female plants turning hermie. it might have something to do with male plants not being completely dependent on a light cycle to begin flowering, whereas females are much more sensitive in this area. there are steps you can take to increase your chances of female seeds, but i've never heard of switching the sex of a plant during flowering.
  7. Males can hermie, just like females. We rarely see male hermies because usually we kill 'em once they show male, before they have a chance to show any cross-gender traits.

    As for forcing a male to hermie in order to get some female smokable bud, not really a viable way to go about things. When you force a MJ plant to hermie you really don't know specifically what you are going to get, all you really know for sure is that you are really screwing the plant up. And even if it produced nice-looking, outwardly-female buds, genetically it isn't geared to produce lots of THC resins for you.

    Best to trash the males. I use femmed seeds and never have to worry about that...

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