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  1. Can anyone give me any idea of what the ratio usually is of male to female plants? This is my second time growing plants and I had only 10 seeds. I was able to grow 6 plants and they are thriving. I am curious as to the chances that they could all be male or possably female if lucky. How many of your plants usually are female out of say 20 plants?
  2. It's like flipping coins. 50/50 is most likely but with small numbers you never know.
  3. 50/50, bro. Unless they're feminized.
  4. If its only females you want, then if you get one from your current grow then have alot into taking cuttings.
    Next time buy feminized seeds.
  5. or use old pork's trick of seed in an envelope inside of a paper bag or zip lock (cant remember) with aging banana peels, its been proven to increase female ration by OP and cantharis...
  6. Really? source?
  7. I started with two seeds unfeminized.

    And I ended with 1 male, 1 female. The female taking a week longer to sex then that of the male so it is truely 50/50.
  8. Using the banana method I got 3/4 female - BUT that was just one attempt, it is almost certainly NOT statistically significant. BUT I would NOT dissuade anyone from trying the same - if you get the same result, great.

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