Male THC content.

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  1. I'm flowering 3 Plants at the moment and Im at day 2. I still cant tell their sex yet, but I'm wondering how long I should let the males flower so that they have the most thc they can get as males without polinating my girls. (so I can make some hash)
  2. THC on the male plant is almost 0.
    Just harvest it for hash as soon as you know it is male. No need to risk knocking up the girls unnecessarily.
  3. In general, the male plant is considered inferior. This, however, may not be true in all cases. Male plants from some strains can produce more THC or be more potent than females from weaker strains. Most male plants from good genetics are stronger than the Ruderails female. Males can also be smoked or made into hash oil.

    Grow out the male a little bit, cut off the top 6-12 inches of the plant and remove the leaves. Throw away the stems and branches. Cure these leaves and find out for yourself if the male is any ood or not. You might be in for a surprise.
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