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  1. Its my first time growing marijuana and i just took out the males that started flowring and i just wanted to know....
    Is there any way i can smoke males? Is there THC in them at all?
    Its just a shame watching these lovely planets going to waste....

  2. Yo,
    I'm pretty sure the only thing smoking male plants will give you is a major headache. Though they do contain a small amount of THC, I don't believe it's enough to get you high. Although I have heard of people making brownies out of the males.
    Hope this helped.
    High times!
  3. I made brownies from 2 males that were just showing last month and did not do much. It does seem such a waste though always the most vigourous and healthy seem to be male, but as far as use I do not see unless you are breeding.
  4. What a shame.... Thnx for the help
  5. hey,
    do some butter with them and put it in a cake.. i done it and it blew my brains out.. me and my mates were baked for about 8 hours. lol.. look for canabutter on grasscity, ther's a thread that tells you how to make canabutter without burning the thc.. i also cut the stems and put them in the pot with the rest of the 2 male plants i had.. they were about 3 foot each and i made 200 grams of butter.. (just to give you a rough idea) good luck and post back tell us how it turned out,,:)
  6. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:this is the method i used to make my canabutter... it works greattt:smoke::smoke::smoke:
    Another way to produce cannabutter is to boil a large pan of water and then add a block of butter and add cannabis trimmings (the leaves and stalks). The water stops the THC from being damaged by heat as the mixture will never reach over 100 C. After half an hour or so of boiling sieve the mixture to remove the leaves and cool the liquid in a fridge. When it has cooled you are left with a potent layer of cannabutter on top of dirty water. This method works well because THC and other cannabinoids only dissolve in oil whereas many other undesirable chemicals in the leaves dissolve in the water.
  7. maybe making hash out of it would work? i mean it will be probably the most efficient way? to get a decent smoke :/
  8. Wanted to ask this, while the females have the buds, aren't male supposed to have pollen pods ? Why can't it be smoked or turned to hash like the female's dust ?
  9. Females have A LOT more THC, but males can *possibly* still have a decent trace of THC.

    Use male/hermy plants as follows:

    1) Hash

    2) BuDDer (cannabutter)

    3) Break up and smoke as a last resort.

    Other than that, males are only good if you want to save some of the pollen sacks and cross pollinate your own strain. You won't get to that for a few years though :)

    Good luck.

    Oh, and to the guy above, I don't think the seed pods have ANY

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