Male plants?

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  1. If you do end up with a male plant and it's all you have do they look cool when they're flowering or anything? Or do their balls just keep getting bigger and bigger and get pollen all over your house? Or is it not even worth the risk?
  2. They look depressing when they flower i just cut a male 8 weeks of hard work for nothing. You could keep it to collect the pollen for future pollination. Butvif you have females around get it out quick smart.
  3. Yeah I just got think single plant so don't have to worry about pollinating any females.

    So is 8 weeks about how long it takes till you can positively sex it?
  4. Are the lights 12 12
  5. Just be aware that when it drops pollen it releases lots of it and more than half the population is allergic to it. Direct contact with water makes the pollen inviable, on the other hand, it can travel hundreds of miles in the wind, even over water, from the hash plantations of places like Turkey and Greece and cause allergy symptoms and unwanted seeds.
  6. No I have my lights on 24/0

    I hope it's a she!
  7. knowing if its a male or female depnds on when you switch your light cycle to 12 hours on, 12 hours off. 1-2 weeks after that you will see signs of sex.
  8. Okay thanks, I did not know that. I always though you see the pistils first
  9. They might look cool to 5th graders. Hell, you might even get some lunch money out of it.

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