Male Plants.

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  1. Something that I've wanted to know, but I've only ever found vague answers.

    Should I scrap them or keep them?(Obviously when I separate from a female)
    If keep them, I've read that smoking leaves isn't the smartest thing to do. So, what do I do with them when they are mature?

  2. Make hash out of them. Male plants still have THC.
  3. I see. Thanks for the speedy answer. :)
  4. If you have a daddy of a strain you really like... Collect them, put in a jar in the freezer so you have reserves.... I have a question for you!!... whats wrong with drying and using leaf to roll a fatty up?...

    That about it = /... Have a seremonial burn?? I wonder if you can use it for compost.... Hmmmm...
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    I've read that the Chlorophyll in the leaves can cause a headache, or even get you a ticket to hospital.

    Reading up a bit more, it seems what I said about headaches/hospital was misinformation spread by morons.
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    Unless you want to pollinate seeds for next year, males are NO use at all - apart from making compost, that is. There is no THC worth having, and if you want to smoke leaves, grow tobacco. Female bud is the product that we want.

    Unless you pull them when they are young they will pollinate ALL your buds and RUIN your crop. It is the sticky THC that attracts pollen - once a bud is pollinated, THC production stops.
  7. what? no they dont.

    trash em and get rid of them.
  8. Is it worth growing them for resin though?
  9. It may seem a waste of your effort, but they are NO USE to you. GET RID. And no, they do not make resin. Males have no trichomes and no useful THC.
    Now, you said you have only vague answers - I am not being vague. PULL them guys and make compost.
  10. Thats quite bad news for me. The seeds i have are unknown, the person i got them off doesn't even know.
    I cant afford to buy seeds online, and i don't have a credit card
  11. I take it this is your first grow? Otherwise you would know that when you trim females your scissors get covered in resin, you have to keep scraping it off. And do you have no females at all?
  12. For a sinsemilla crop remove the males, it will help raise the concentration of THC in the buds. The males do have THC though, at lower concentrations, so with the proper extraction techniques, hash oil and food can be made from them. I wouldn't bother with growing a male plant, if its all you have. But if you have a male on your hands, don't let it go to waste--bake some delicious treats.
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    I've tried growing twice so far.. first was on the windowsill, i did the moronic mistake of more than one per pot, they still grew well though, second grow was quite good(inside a closet with a light), but they got pest ridden due to carelessness.

    I've no clue if i have any females. Unless there is a way of knowing by looking at the seeds(Don't think there is.) I've got a little over 200 of them, too.

    Just started off some using the glass of water technique. Gonna make a Journal eventually, once i get the equipment sorted(Don't know what to get, yet. Got a few things listed though.)

    It's the price of running lights thats putting me off atm..
  14. HA! Lights aint the end of it brother... = /
  15. Can you expand on that please?:confused:
  16. He means temps, nutes, ventilation, air movement etc.
  17. ooh i see, well, i plan on hooking fans, ventilation and temperature controlling stuff up to a large battery, my uncle runs his own plant growing shop so ill be getting nuts for cheap/free.


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