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male plants

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigtg, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. It says they where crossed with a g13 male doesnt mean they are male
  2. then why do they look weird and crazy in the picture? and what does that mean if its crossed with a G13 male? that it has a baby bit of g13 in it?
  3. thats pretty odd that they show males in their strain pictures instead of budding females
  4. does anybody know what the deal with that site is?
  5. basically there just showing the seeded plant they grew and developed this strain. If you buy the seeds and get a female it will be short and bushy. And Dr chronic does have good seeds, just ask around LMAO
  6. so that's what seeded plants look like, I've never seen them before.
    I found this about Soma, interesting guy! :smoke:
  7. umm thats a MALE plant not a seeded plant, a seeded plant still has alotta bud jus that its seeded. The plant in the Dr.chronic site is a male g-13 HAZE its a cross of haze and g-13 that they crossed with other plants, jus making it clear that its not a "g-13 cross" but a g13 crossed with haze THEN crossed with the selected plants o the site.
  8. hahahaa, man im pretty sure you buy um so you can let them pollinate your female plants and get seeds.....this is for making your own strain...:D
  9. can't people in this thread read? it says it was a male g-13haze crossed, it doesnt mean it a male plant, you can buy the seeds and get females, theres no such thing as an ALL-MALE seed.
  10. i think i got it, in the cross the male was a g13, right?
  11. yea they crossed the male G13 with a female haze, then they took the new strain know as "g13 Haze" then the cross bred it with NYC Diesel and many others.
  12. interesting, and I guess crossing a male G13 with a female haze gives a different result from crossing a female G13 with a male haze? Do female haze plants have particularly large buds while the G13 has lots of vigor, something like that??

    I must read up on this stuff!


  13. Well if you plan on making a new superstrain, you want to have some true lineage, being able to decide what bred each plant all along the lines. Like if you wanted to cross about eight strains, you would want to know how everything came to be, including the original eight strains (like if they were a g13 male/haze female) (if they hybrids).

  14. I would buy a male plant to put in my front yard to scare neighbors . i think they would be like WTF!

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