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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NastyTodd, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. i have a male plant in the mist of my grow (i have a grow journal going in the other section) should i just chuck it?
  2. With male plants you can
    (1) make hash
    (2) grow to maturity to get some pollen (do this far away from the females with fans turned OFF)
    (3) chuck it (my favorite option)
  3. I agree w/SmknVTEC. Best option- chuck it. pollen can be transferred from fingers, clothing, hair and air drafts from opening and closing doors. Unless your trying to breed yor weed, chuck it. Don't want to ruin your sensi.
  4. yeap,,, id chunk it unless its some good weed,,, and you wanted to do a bit of selective pollination,,, still id move it away from the females,,, YOU DO NOT WANT TO RISK POLLENATION OF YOUR FEMALES,,,,put it outside ,,, 4 blocks away is fine,,, collect the pollen in a bag if thats your desire,,,,, and brush your pollen on a branch selected for seed prodiction,,,, if its bag seed,,, dont even worry about it .. just chuck it,,, 1 seed = no pure,,sensemillia,,,,,,:hello:
  5. kill the bastard:smoking:
  6. i agree:eek: :eek:

  7. The pollen, if you store it and dab some on a female bud, ONLY that bud will produce seeds? Or will the entire plant start to produce? And do you have any idea how many seeds a bud can put out?
  8. beat all your plants with it like a broom, throw a piece of meat the grow room to generate some flies they will eat the male plant and $$uck the females LOL

    just kiddin, toss him

  9. Yes, only that bud, provided that you truly controlled the pollen and didn't get it on other buds. Pollen is designed to be airborne so be very careful with it around your girls. But to your underlying question, pollination does not spread throughout a plant. To think of it in human terms, each female flower is like a woman's uterus and ovaries, and pollen is of course plant sperm, so fertilizing one uterus and ovaries set does not carry over to any other.

    How many seeds? Really depends on the strain, grow conditions, how big the buds get, and so on. Could be dozens.

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