Male or female?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by buickboy, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Just woundering if it possible some one can tell me what this is? About two weeks old.

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  2. No way of telling until it is flowered.
  3. You will not know for many weeks. MJ only shows sex with its well within flowering. If its a auto it will show it on its own, if its not your plant has to be 12/12 lights for a few days to over a week before it will show you.
  4. OK I don't want make another thread so just ask do you think it strong enought to switch from my T5 to my 250w Mh light?

  5. Yup been strong enough for quite some time. Let the mh/hps rip
  6. :) good to no can't wait to get home set it up! What distance is safe to start out at with Mh?

  7. Generally you don't have to use a T5 till you think its "Ready". The sun is only on one setting.

    Distance? As close as you want if you can vent the heat. You generally want the temps to be 75-80 no more then about 85 and take the temps at the top of the plant. Taking them at the bottom does no good. So if you can have it 3 inches from your plant top and keep the temps low then your good if not increase till you hit the area you want.

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