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    got some bagseed plants, trying to figure out what is good or bad. Got 9 pics total, first 3 are one plant, 2nd three are a different plant and the last 3 pics are the third plant. Help, cause I have some known female plants (clones and fem seedbank seed plants nearby).

    Dang, go across, not up and down, lol. Just really paid attention to that. going across, the first 3 pics are on plant, the 4 pic and the first 2 pics on the second row are the next plant, and the remaining 3 pics are the 3rd plant.

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  2. I'm pretty new at this, well really new, but from what I have studied so far I would say the last one is a female and I am not sure about the other two. I want to say the first is a male but honestly it is too early, at least for me, to tell on the first two.
  3. the first one is a female too, the second one is still too early but pointing to female. Cross your fingers but should be 3 for 3. lucky you.
  4. This I can tell you and I'm only guessing. Pic # 1,5 are female to me. Pic # 2,3,4 are males.

    I've learned that the males grow faster and their balls early. So if you are sexing and you see sacks at the node site, pretty sure you have a male.
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    The pics are going across the page, not up and down.

    pics 1, 2 and 3 are from the same plant

    pics 4, 5, and 6 are from a second plant

    pics 7, 8 and 9 are from a 3rd plant.

    3 plants, 3 pics per plant.
    Thanks, Ya'll
  6. I cant see anything indicating sex yet just alot of new internode shoots forming and a few stipules.. might be because im on my phone but im pretty sure its still to early.. i usually find the first signs showing up on the very top but tip .. if you can get some close ups of them it would be usefull

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