Male Or Female?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by viewfair, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, so I' took some pictures, Its my first grow, and it looks like its a male, do you guys thinks so?

  2. Thems balls there bro ya got a dude:cool:
  3. Noooooo, I should of cut him before I left, other plants are too small for him to mess with anyways, but man he was lookin like a stone cold champ, and he was my first seed :(
  4. If he's growing good he's got good genetics and would be a good specimen for breeding so I'd say he still has some value:smoke:
  5. Yeah I got no other room to put him in, so might as well chop.
  6. Yeah if your not in need of making any future seeds and going for maximum yield then yeah get rid of him. I just tend to think as a breeder most the time peace bro:smoke:

  7. Yeah I got a few others going, so thanks for the help still!
  8. looks too young to tell

  9. Serious lol? I just told my friend to cut it,
  10. how long has it been under 12/12
  11. Ya those pics look like it's still too young to tell, idk what that other guy was seeing?
  12. I thought it looked like a male also.
  13. i'm thinkin' male:smoke:
  14. 2 weeks or so under 12/12, general question how long do you typically do vegetation?
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    :rolleyes:I'm seeing clearly what the pic is showing and those are nuts hanging out there. Maybe you need some visene dude but those are not shoots you can clearly see the shoot off to the side and those are prominent little round balls. Don't know how long you've been growin but 2 weeks into flowering is definetely not to early to tell and it'd actually be odd if it wasn't showing by now hell most of my plants that are grown under 24/0 show their sex during vegging around the 4th-5th week of vegging. I've grown hundreds of plants(not exaggerating here at all) and I can tell the difference between a girl and a guy I guess you wait for them to shoot their load before deciding its a guy. Those are clearly large defined male preflowers and if it was a chick there'd be two pussy hairs sticking out and they wouldn't be large and round and would have more of a slender pear shape to them.

  16. Most indica strains you typically want to allow at least 4 weeks veg time sativas around 8+ weeks. Don't fret if you already chopped that guy down the couple dudes who came on and said it's too early to tell didn't look at the pics I guess. I'd bet my own ballsack that plant is a male and I'm very fond of my jewels:wave:
  17. i have a plant that has the balls and shit but i ben using plant food for it and then i see on top it kind of looks like bud and deffiently got white hairs on it... idk what i should do it looks like male .. but got a bud idk what the fuck it is
  18. sound like you got yourself a real live some pics:smoke:
  19. Yeah you gotta watch out for those, thought I had a male white lightning it was showing balls and everything some of them even started opening. Then as it got taller I saw a few pistils popping out and to my horror it turned out to be a raging hermaphrodite full ace ventura pet detective shit. And I needed a male to mate with my white lightnings:(
  20. IMO, the first pic doesnt show anything, just the tips of the new growth shoots, and the second pic its too early to tell if thats gonna end up being a male flower or a calyx. maybe only a day or so too early, coulda popped a pistil out the next morning after the picture.

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