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    is my plant male or female it has been on 12/12 12days to day they should be showing signs by now they r under 2x150w cfl please help :confused: my picks 004.jpg

    my picks 002.jpg

    my picks 003.jpg the yellow bits r were i put the light 2 close like a twat
  2. I dont see anything. not showing imo, not the best pics though.

  3. i can't see either.
  4. It doesn't appear to be pre-flowering yet. And those look like 42w CFLs (150w incandescent equivalent) you may wanna get yourself two more of those. That'll really help with the yield by densing up the buds (CFLs usually produce light airy buds unless you really throw some high wattage outta them).
  5. iv got 4 all 2geather in same place but not over the top because i got 2 3week old lemon skunk under them but the side of my big plant still gets the light so u could say it kind of has 4 42w=150w bulbs and i turn it through the day
  6. no sex patient and you will see.
  7. but its been 12 days of flowering shourley it should show some signs by now
  8. if your plant has not veg'd long enough it will continue to veg until it is able to flower, even under 12/12! i waited 3 weeks on plant showing sex after it was put into flower at about 6 inches tall
  9. agreed ^^^^ .. vegged my last plant for 28 days and still took 19 days to show sex. patience is the key to growing my man. :cool:
  10. MAybe go on longer veg next time? My first grow (still current) started showing preflowers 2 days before I had scheduled it for 12/12 and it was on 2 month veg cycle. (not counting its first week under 24 hour light). You don't know how many times I wanted to flip it to 12/12 thinking it would be faster. Then I'd sit and look at a calander and realize, its gonna happen when it happens. I just swear at it now and then to make it grow faster, not sure if it is workin though. Now its time to be patient and not screw something up and have happy buds.

    And another thing I have picked up from reading, the females are slower bloomers then the males, so it taking longer to show sex could be a good thing, soome nutes for thought:smoking:
  11. thanks m8 u have puut my mind at rest i thourt something was wrong with my plant

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