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  1. I know they aren’t growing pre flowers yet I know they should be coming plants are about 7 weeks old just switched to 12/12 sorry for the dirty finger just got out of work lol and I work with concrete so that’s just how they look lol

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  2. I know the third flowers look like balls but I assure you they are just new leaves coming in lol that pics a couple days old so they grew out there are no pre flowers yet I can see maybe 1 tiny one and it looks pointy not round

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  3. I can't tell sex at this time. It looks like you could use more light.
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  4. I see a couple of what look like males to me.
  5. These tired eyes see no males at this time.
  6. Too early.

  7. Thanks for the replies
  8. So ended up being girls they are both budding full of white hairs now um they don’t seem to have any deficiencies I haven’t used nutes at all I was wondering could I make it the whole way not using them or would I eventually need some kind of nutes and my soil drys out like every 2 days I put like damn near half a gallon in each plant an they will be dry the next night but I water them maybe every 3-4 days they look good tho any advice would be appreciated

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  9. Maybe my fans to strong causing them to dry out? it’s not hot I live in Michigan and they are in an old shower in the basement so I know it’s not hot it’s probably 75 degrees if that

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