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  1. Just need a little help whether i should chop down or keep up but pretty sure this is a male do i need to post anymore pictures? Also the signs of sex are showing up on opposite sides of the internodes across from each other 20190627_120700~2.jpg
  2. What signs should i be looking for? I had convinced myself it was a male
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  3. Little banana looking sacks that grow right there.
  4. wait a couple of days and then take some pictures and update the thread, this is what your looking for. One of my grape stompers that has a very pronounced sexual organ 20190626_184221.jpg
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  5. Thank you guys! I will update in a couple of days. Also is it a bad idea to go back into veg after determining sex?
  6. just curious why you want to do that? I wouldn't but thats just me, heres a pic of my plants that first one on the left is the one your seeing in the pic 20190622_153917.jpg
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  7. Too early to tell.
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