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  1. hey all first time poster and currently two weeks into flowering on my first ever grow, I need to know if it's male or female. Thanks in advance!

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  2. Are all three pics of the same plant?
  3. They all seem a bit too bulbous to be female but the last pic looks like it may have pistils growing out of them which would positively ID as female.

  4. Hopefully it's not the same plant cuz if it is it looks like it might be a hermie

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  5. Y
    yep all the same plant
  6. Then I'd have to agree with virg on the Hermie comment.

    Maybe a new set of pics to be sure... Sorry dude but the pre-flower looks so iffy. Can't be sure with these.
  7. Damn! I'm off to work now but I'll try take some more, I'll be back! Thanks guys
  8. First two pics are def male flowers forming...third pics looks like there may be some pistils....but doesn't matter..chop it.

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  9. Is it attached to a stem then it aint a clayx easy as that, and if it was fem seeds then you hermd it, not worth spraying with optic switch at this time, if it was regular seeds then you had bad luck it's a male.

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