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  1. Can anybody tell a male from a female at an early stage in veg I've had one look like this once before and it turned out to be male has anyone had the same problems

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  2. no. not this early. and whats the problem? other than your plant looking like it's dying..
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    looks like another burn, and to tell the sex, you need a clear pic of the internodes, just where the fan leaf and new branch coming out from
  4. nah I don't think shes even throwing preflowers yet
  5. I didnt think so either, but just to let the OP knows how we can help telling rather is a male or female
  6. if it were a clone we might be able to tell. but who sells male clones without telling the person who's buying?
    OP give it a few weeks to show preflowers and then yeah, do what lowryder said
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    Haha.. I think it's just a clone that had way too many leaves left on and barely "made it."

    OP: If it is a seedling give it some time. If it's a clone, ask the person you got it from..?

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