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  1. Just threw some seeds out in wife's garden. They are about 6 inches tall. I hear about male and female plants. How soon can you tell, and what can I do to make sure they are not male? From what I have read, males are not the desired sex. Also, at what height to you begin trimming? There is a lot more to learn than I ever thought..

    One more thing... In this early stage or growth, other than watering, is there anything I need to be concerned with?

    Thanks for any help,

  2. You will have to wait,,to determine sex,,How old?

    Watch at about the 4th to 7th node up,,for preflower signs,,when it gets that far,,the only other way is to wait until light falls to 12hr darkness...

    or....take a cutting(clone) from a lower branch when plant has developed enough,,,then place in 12hr darkness per day,,wait for sex signs....

  3. If outdoors and you just planted the seeds it will be a few weeks to a month or two before the sex can be determined. If you are a newbie, why don't you wait on topping your plants until your next years growth. TAke this growth as a learning experience and try to learn as much as you can. Then on your next attempt, you can try to maximize your yield then. But if you want to top them, wait until at least 7 full leaf sets have matured and then you can top them.

    Males have little flower clusters that start out looking like little tiny green grapes. Females just start putting uo tiny slender white hairs.
  4. Thanks for all advice. There are 2 plants. I think they are about 2 weeks old. (Since the 1st sign of growth.) Due to being impatient, I am sure I will have to try to grow one for now and let the other serve for next year.

    Thanks again

  5. If you are lucky you should reap 6 to 8 ounces per plant. Maybe more if you are real lucky, have a good strain, weather cooperates, etc. I thought I had a pound one time but only finished out after curing with around 13 ounces.

    Hope the yield figures help!!!!

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