Male or Female preflower???

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  1. So I have a pair of plants (1 headband, 1 purple kush) and they are about 6weeks into veg and I plan to start flowering the end of this week. Only problem is my headband has developed small fluid like growths where the fan leaves and the stem meets. I am concerned she is actually a he. Could any fellow farmers shed some light on this for me. Any help is appreciated.

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  2. Pictures please. The closer and more high-res the better
  3. The fluid sacks look almost like little green inner tubes that meet where the fan leave stems an main stalk connect. I would show pics but am at work. I should have pics by tonight. Thanks

  4. wow nice first post. first really need a pic. second if you don't see a white needle coming out soon it is male usually males show first up to a week before in some cases expecially if there sexing by them self's "no light or nute changes"
  5. if that's what ur talking about then its to early to tell that's just growth no sex yet.
  6. I believe that is due to the stem strengthening itself.... not a sign of male preflowers

    Could be something else but i dont think its male proflowers at all

    See, this one doesnt have the bulge, but it has a pollen sack forming


    and check the thread that picture you found comes from i found it as well, in the thread it shows both male and females in that same condition
  7. Thanks to both replies. I'm hoping It's what you described as "stem strengthening" sirsog. I just finished a flush 2 days ago and gave them a new cycle of nutes yesterday pretty heavy. So all things considered you could be spot on.


  8. I've had this same phenomenon on at least two of my current plants. Just the stems/stalk developing. Absolutely nothing to do with pre-flowers, male or female.

    So far I think you're just fine! :D

  9. Thanks for the reply med grow. That really helps eliminate a lot of concern. On the two you noticed this on do you recall the sex?

  10. I'd just keep a close on on every pre-flowering site you have for the next few weeks untill you're certain it's a female/male. My second grow atm ( 1 plant ) is no doubt a female but she also had a few sites where a cluster of balls formed ( Hermie - caused by light leaks early veg :( ). All I can do is examine her everyday and pluck off what looks like sacks to me so it wont pollinate. I'd flower it for a few weeks to see if any white hairs appeared ( what I did ). A Hermie is better than a He, and they're quite beautiful I must say..

  11. All my plants are clones, so female of course! :D

  12. ?????? I may be ignorant, but how the Hell can a light leak during VEG stress the plant and cause a hermie when you can leave the lights running literally 24 hours a day during veg?

    I don't get how this would stress a plant... :confused:

  13. If you were doing 18/6 in veg or something, and it kept having light leaks, it would lead to stress

    If you had 12/12 no issue.... unless the lights are going on and off.

    But one could assume if you had a short dark period and the light kept leaking the plant would be more than confused hahahah

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