Male or female?....or hermie?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kdk100694, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Hey guys I could use some help....again lol. Is this a male plant, female, or hermie?
    20180810_093436.jpg 20180810_093432.jpg 20180810_093934.jpg 20180810_093934.jpg
  2. No sex can be determined yet, give it a lil more time
  3. Looks like a herm to me. I'd give it a couple days to be sure, but looks like pollen sacs to me.

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  4. lmao
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  5. Definitely male
  6. i see balls
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  7. Balls..
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  8. Damn it lmao, you ruined it lmfao
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  9. Ok so sorry to the op for my shitty humor but we get ask this all the time, at least do a google search once. This one is pretty easy but just incase here is a pic for future reference. e0fdeeefbba04ddea09b7b1034abaa18.jpg
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  10. i think this plant is going to be totally fucked by the time its done!
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  11. i don’t understand why people can’t figure it out.
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    someone should just pin a thread like "Need help with autos?" because 90% of the forum is filled with this question...
  13. kill it
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  14. Killed it, here is the progress now! 20180902_091824.jpg 20180902_091905.jpg 20180902_091902.jpg 20180902_091836.jpg 15358958022226397371975841608268.jpg 20180902_091829.jpg
  15. looking good. lol i thought you were saying this plant was the same as i commented on earlier .i was so sure lmao.
  16. This is he progress so far! I'm thinking 3 more weeks what do you guys think? 20180927_173411.jpg 20180927_173400.jpg 20180927_173426.jpg 20180927_173438.jpg

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