Male or Female , Help!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Canehdian_eh, May 15, 2010.

  1. Please gimme some good news? I dont think I will get any

    Plant A

    Plant B
  2. A and B are both males (my opinion)

    i only say this cuz i see bawlssssss
  3. That could be new growth, too early to tell imo.

  4. that what i was kinda thinkin too, buuuuut, it looks like a ball forming ..
    no other "new growth" lookss like that on the plant.
  5. They have been in flower for 5 days, when should I see more change?
  6. before week 3.
  7. Any thoughts on pics?
  8. not showing yet
  9. Those look like NUTS ...
  10. looks like some baby balls to me on both
  11. :confused: Looks like a male to me...
  12. maybe, I wouldnt be shocked if it was male, but those could just as easily be new growth. We dont want him chopping those down just yet.
  13. Too early to tell. Be patient. Females will only have one on each side for the first week. Males will start out as a pair then start multiplying like crazy.
    If I had to guess B is a male.
  14. Any update on this. Mine are just 5 days in flowering and I have the same thing. I do hope its just preflowers about to pop out a white hair.
  15. i say males for both. but they could be hermis
  16. man that sucks...
  17. Plant "A" looks like a male. "B" could go either way. Females have little balls like that where the hairs come out at.

    You should definitely be able to tell in another day or 2.
  18. Thanks alot, will update tonight when lights go on, thats in 9.5 hours, sorry guys
  19. Pics before I chopped A, B is developing the same as A, but will let it go to be sure.

  20. To all those that doubted, there is no more denying that these are males.

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