Male or female? Help plz!

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    Vegged for 5 weeks and this is the start of second week in flower. Don't have a lot of space so only growing two but only one in big pot. The one I have in a solo cup looks to be female but the big one is puzzling me. Maybe I'm just in denial and it's a male haha.

    Any input would be great thanks!!

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  2. The 3rd pic I see balls I'm pretty sure. Unless pistils are being blurred out of the picture. Are they tear dropped shaped with two white pistils or oval shaped

    Here's a picture to help
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  3. tear dip usually is a sign of female. the pic is blurry but from what i can make of it it looks male
  4. first pic looks male.
  5. Ok, ty everyone for input!

    So now I'm faced with a dilemma of do I take the smaller plant in the solo cup and revegg and transplant to bigger container for a month or so or do I just continue flowering the little pipsqueak as is?

    I have only bag seeds so and no selection for genetics.
  6. its up to you bro. i would transplant. but its you're call
  7. Those pics he added are a good example of what to look for if your not sure wait a few days check back its better to learn and know and just take a littler longer than pull the wrong plant
  8. The transplant part I would put it in a bigger pot and re veg so you get a bigger yeild as long as you have the time. But I think it would be worth it

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