Male or fem?

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  1. Almost 3 weeks old any idea if male or fem?

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  2. No. It may start showing pre flowers between week 6 and 8. So during that time, do some research on identification of plant sexing. At least you'll see where to take the pic from and not just the whole plant. Pics should also be taken under natural or white light pleez. You'll get better and faster responses. Some blades bypass a thread with purple pics
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  3. It's too early to identify
  4. Yeah bad luck with this one.. looks like a male... right after LST it started showing.. and sorry for the color... too lazy to bring the plant out of the tent lol

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  5. Great balls of fire!! Sorry about that!

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  6. Take a book or something and blocknyour light and use the flash on your phone, it works great and ya do t have to lugg a plant around
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  7. Thanks awsome tip for a lazy grower like myself lol
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  8. the pic is too close to tell.
    take the pic from a little bit farther and dim the lights more

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