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  1. I've been told you can take stems and soak them in a bottle of vodka for anywhere from a month to three months. Strain it and in result have what is like tenature "spelling", and that it will get you nice and cross faded. So my friends and i started collection stems. We have 13 grams atm, i was wondering if that is enough to make some weed vodka? And does anyone have any suggestions as how to make it?
  2. That should do the trick, but cook the stems in the vodka at a steady 65 degree temp for a minimum of 25 minutes. The longer, the better.

    The THC needs heat to turn active and to be released into the vodka.

    (Be careful when cooking with alcohol! Don't let it get over 65 degrees or there is risk of a fire!)
  3. It's called a tincture, or green dragon.

    I don't know a whole lot about making it when it comes to stems, typically you only use about a gram of bud and an oz or 2 of vodka. It takes very little to get you high (like a few drops), you won't get cross faded, seeing as how if you drank the mixture you would probably pass out/green out.

    There are several guides if you google marijuana tincture/green dragon
  4. Thanks for the info guys. As for heating the vodka and stems together, could it be done by heating the bottle of vodka with stems in it, in a pot of boiling water? Enough to where the stems will be covered. And it would reduce chance of fire and going over that 65 degree temp.
  5. What if one skips the decarb step? I've seen tinc recipes that just say put the herb in a jar and cover it with 100 proof or higher vodka or everclear.
  6. The weed need heat to turn the THC into THC-A (The active version that gets you high).
  7. How about if it's already in the jar, but didn't go through the decarb step? Is it ruined, or will it just take longer? And one could put the jar in a double boiler and heat it up that way with the vodka and herb already mixed together, right?
  8. If you have the patience, THC can be transferred into a high enough proof alcohol (any kind) by simply letting it sit. You got to wait a min 2 weeks though.

    It's awesome. :D
  9. You do not have to heat it. HEATING ALCOHOL IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!

    Put it in a bottle and let it sit for a couple of months.
  10. Either, decarb with an oven... or decarb in the solution... one or the other..
  11. Tue, but it's a much more convenient system and fairly easy to do.

  12. I saw a bottle of rum with loads of stems and leaves in my cupboard one time. It was left there for weeks. I tried a sip and it tasted horrible!

    Wouldn't that stuff get you more pissed than high? Waste of time for me.

  13. it doesn't NEED heat.. justmakes it faster.

    OP, throw some actual ground up bud in there too. Keep it somewhere dark. Shake it up once a day or so...

    The longer you let it sit, the better
  14. So say if i grab 1-2g of herb, 1 OZ of vodka and chuck them in a mason jar and leave it for 1month or so, will the THC turn into THC-A in the vodka? If so how noticeable is it? in terms of colour/smell etc. This could be an awesome idea for my stealth "getting high" plan I've been creating for an upcoming event.
  15. This stuff stinks, and it tastes awful. Mine has been sitting since last thursday. I tried two teaspoons of it earlier today, and about 30 minutes later my body started to warmup, and my limbs got a bit heavy. My mind was totally clear though. I'll have the house to myself tomorrow. I'm debating if I should put the jar in a double boiler to heat it up, and speed up the process. I wonder, is it too late to attempt this step, or should I just continue to let it sit in the dark?

  16. I dunno about THC-A, but it will absorb it. Every time I have done it the vodka has turned noticeably green, but just smelled like vodka.

    You can "cook" it now if you want. I tried it one time, the vodka caught a flame..... if you do it be very careful, vodka is quite flammable.
  17. Ok thanks, so I'll grab some erb mix with vodka in a mason jar and leave it for 1 month shaking it every so often (1 a day first week then leave?). then I'll continue the other steps of draining and squeezing then I'll have my green vodka. How much would you recommend for say 1 litre of vodka, or would it be easier going smaller vodka larger erb quantities. It's a 7 day trip where i plan to only use this method (if it's effective) so will need a lot or a potent mix.
  18. Everybody, you can look under the Incredible, Edible Herb forum under tincture or green dragon, it is best done in higher proof alcohol so Everclear, Absinthe, 151 rum, etc, but vodka will work.

    You can heat up the stems or heat up the alcohol to get the best potency, also heating the alcohol evaporates it increasing the potency of a dropperful.

    most recipes I have seen seem to call for small proportions, like 2 oz. of alcohol which will fill one of those dropper bottles.

    I am going to do this because it is great for a girl to carry around in her purse for a hidden stoner surprise pick me up. Imagine taking it to concerts or festivals or family reunions or Christmas with the 'rents. Totally stealthy!

  19. The smallest amount I have made is a pint. Here'a a few pics from the ones I made.




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