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    I've never done an indoor grow before and for my outdoor grow i just stuck the sprouts in the woods and watered them monthly. I want to do a little indoor grow over the winter and i like the idea of growing organic. I've got a couple of questions about the mix. I plan on using 1 cup of peat moss, compost, a potting mix i have that has perlite and sprinkle some lime in. I've got blood and bone meal and maybe some kelp (i don't feel like buying anything) but i don't know how much of each to use.
    Help a noob out
    Edit: skip the first two words in the title, this has nothing to do with making time, my bad

    Everything you need to know is covered in the first few pages of the thread below which is also in the pinned threads above.
    Easy Organic Soil Mix For Beginners
  3. I read that but didn't find anything on blood and bone meal (is bone meal similar to crab meal?)
  4. Most here will recommend you stay away from blood and bone meal. They are harvested off slaughterhouse floors and can contain a number of hormones, antibiotics, etc. Besides the stigma associated with these products, they don't have the secondary metabolites, etc that the recommended items have. I would invest in kelp, neem, and crab instead.

  5. Thanks for the info, I had no idea. I guess I'll just have to buy some kelp and neem, I've never seen crab meal before.
    I use blood and bone meal. I also use kelp and neem and other 'stuff', mostly locally sourced. Shipping stuff usually raises the cost 3x-4x and usually without a corresponding benefit.
    If you have blood, bone, and kelp, I suggest googling LC's Soiless Mix which uses those 3 ingredients and works very well. That was my first organic mix and pretty much what I'm working back around to.
    Not buying anything, or, very little, is a good way to get started and see how it works for you.
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    wetdog, i can't find LC's soiless mix. I found one recipe that says LC's soiless mix but it doesn't use blood or bone meal. About how much did you use?
    So far I've mixed1 cup of good compost, 1 cup of this barky potting soil that smelled good, 1 cup of peat moss and a small amount of blood and bone meal. Gonna see how it goes
  8. Parents found my stuff and had to toss my clones. Not going to try an indoor grow till i move out in the summer

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