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Making some firecrackers need help

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ConnorW, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Ive made firecrackers about 4 times but the previous times I only really got high once, I have a high tolerance and have been smoking everyday since February.

    Anyway how much weed should I use ? I got a gram of dank and need to tale a toke break anyway should I just use all of it ?
  2. I make firecrackers quite easily it's the only thing that works 100% of the time.

    I dunno what your version is, but this is what I do:

    2 Ritz crackers per firecracker
    100% natural peanut butter (adams smooth)- It should say -peanuts- on the ingredients ONLY. Salt is ok probably.
    I put a small dab of peanut butter on the ritz cracker...i put one small nugget worth of dank on there. It needs to be ultra fine, the finer the better.
    Put a little peanut butter on the other ritz cracker and make a sammich with the weed in the middle (obviously)

    Cook at 375 (i hear its better to wrap them in tinfoil) for about 25 minutes.

    Enjoy! If I eat 2 of them (on a totally EMPTY stomache, no food 3-4 hours prior) I get high 100% of the time and its quite enjoyable.
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    Ok I don't know why people use the oven. That takes longer than what you could use.... A microwave! Only done it once, but hell it works! Here's how it goes

    For a gram of dank (and yes I would use all of it, I used .7 g's of dank and I was flyin crazy high) put two spoon fulls of peanut butter in a bowl. Then put a tablespoon of olive oil in with it and stir it up. Spread it on any type of cracker and put your FAIRLY grounded weed on it and put more peanut butter on top of it and put another cracker on. Just like a sandwich. Make as many as you need to fit a gram in it. Wrap them up in seran wrap or just plastic wrap, make sure its microwavable. Then microwave it in increments. First microwave it for 40 seconds. Wait a minute. Then microwave it for 25 seconds. Let rest for 30 seconds then microwave for 10 seconds, then let set or how ever long you want before eating. I notice the longer I wait the more potent it is. I guess more thc gets absorbed.

    This really dies work. I've tried it and it sent me to space for about 6 hours and I could feel the first effects, which I thought were placebo, in fifteen minutes. It was full blown in thirty minutes though. And only got heavier. Try it out sometime
  4. I used to smoke exclusively, and I would smoke quite a bit each day. However, my asthma has been terrible for the past year and marijuana exacerbates it very much (even though I know everyone says that smoking marijuana actually helps their asthma) so I started making firecrackers. And I always read about people saying they don't get them high at all, but seriously, I use the ritz crackers in the oven way of doing it, and even if I just eat a quarter of a cracker, I definitely get blazed (and usually trick my non-partaking friends into this way too!). Usually I'll eat a half of one, and I've gotten "stoned to the bejeezus belt" each and every time. I do it a little differently than what I've read only in how I prepare the green. After I run it through my grinder, I grind it all up with fingers again to make it into a complete powder (also I use the shwag of the shwag and still get where I need to be going). Then I pile it all up (all the ground up stuff) and dip my cracker with peanut butter in it so a good portion of the surface area is covered. I figure if a greater surface area of the weed is exposed to the peanut butter (when it's more finely ground), then more thc will be extracted into the oil, whereas if you have big chunks in there, the thc from the weed in the middle will be wasted
  5. I just used your recipe. getting ready to eat it soon just letting it cool. its morning so instead of crackers i am using toast!. i cooked the weed in a bowl with peanut butter and some oil and butter to be safe. its really runny so thats another reason im using toast cuz it will soak it up. so hopefully it works! first time making edibles ever lol:cool:
  6. took me like 20 minutes to find the thread again... its beein a little sneaky one. i think its working. just ate about 15-20 minutes ago. thank you sir. your expertise will be rewarded in a past life...
  7. I'll try the microwave thing but I would imagine oven would work better as it allows more time for the thc to creep out and whatnot.

    I'll try your method next time.
  8. the microwave tip is great but how about a convection oven.

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