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making oil

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pbnavajo1, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. not sure where to post this but i figured it would be here(mods move please if this is the wrong place thank you) im going to make some hash oil out of some compressed reg its green but compressed with tons of seeds i was going to make some out of a half O i was wondering if it would be worth making since theres prob not alot of thc on the bud???? and if i did how much has would i prob yield out of a half O ive never smoked hash before and im desperate to try some
  2. No way to say how much yield you'll get but sure, you can use any herb to make oil from.
  3. thanks for the info but im wanting to know am i going to get like 1 hit of hash out of 40 dollars of green because i would just smoke the green instead lol if that was the case

  4. You will probly get 2 - 3g's of oil. Just do a couple runs.:hello:
  5. the way you type makes me want to die
  6. What?

    Any way I say go for it but try to take the seeds out. They got there own oils that you don't want. And make sure your butane is well refined, near zero impurities.
  7. making oil out of regs will ALWAYS beat smoking those regs. whoever said you're going to get 2-3g's is straight crazy. a half ounce of regs will yeild more like 0.7 - 1.2g's. but 0.7 of oil can go a loooooong way. i know .7 of oil would last me about 3 times as long as a half ounce of regs.
  8. thanks for the advice man i was thinking about smoking the whole half O of oil in a gravity bong rip lol but i think i might get alittle 2 fucked up
  9. you're not going to have a half ounce of oil...
  10. Holy cow imagine a half ounce of oil!:eek:
  11. god i love bho
  12. I have a couple of questions about your oil naking skills. How are you planning to make the Hash? I would definilty go with the bubble bag method, you going to have to buy some bubble bags or go the ghetto and use a pair of panty hoes. I wouldn't recomend it but it will work. One more thing if you do decide to smoke all the hash in one night be prepared to not move from the counch for at least 12 hours. Have fun!!!!!!!

  13. i think he was referring to the BHO (butane hash oil) made from running butane through a cylindar of herb.
  14. Bubble bags are way overpriced. You can get the same results using the gumby/cold water method of making hash. I still prefer old fashioned kief hash sifted through silkscreens then heated and pressed. Bubble and cold water hash are slightly more potent but lack the flavor of good old fashioned hashish in my opinion.

  15. I love you OSG
  16. blonde hash is great when it's made properly. if it isnt a good purity it taste like shit and smokes badly imo.. but yeah, pressed kif is great. fresh finger hash is my fav kind of hash though..
    my boys have some plants that make lemony tasting finger hash every time. taste sooooo good. no other kind of hash from the plant taste like that though. very potent too.

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