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making new friends

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. how do you meet and make friends? i just moved im 20 and i just started college. i always smoke weed and i live with roommates so im never lonely its just its such a pain in the ass to make new friends. i was thinking of breaking out my skateboard and hitting the skate park but im not that good so i think i might look pretty stupid.
  2. Skateboard...Fuck it, what are they going to do...Make fun of you or some shit?:cool:
  3. You know, I don't think there's a rhyme or reason to it. Just happens.
    I met my best friend when we were in school and he tried to sell me a shitty bag for too much money xD
    Find someone with a common interest, see em' tokin', or they got a sublime shirt, and that's your shit, ya know?
    Best of luck! With friends, and the college!
  4. man you know i really wish i can be friends with a lot of the people i see in public places since they all seem so interesting but you cant just walk up to someone and instantly become bffs lol.

    i am pretty limited to people i work with, went to school with and friends of those friends. i never thought like that before
  5. yeah i know i was just planning on skating and getting high and just inviting anyone who lookes cool around me to smoke with me. sounds good right?
  6. JOIN YOUR LOCAL NORML/ ASA/ STUDENTS FOR A SENSIBLE______ ! Any pro-legalization group will do! Instant new circle of toking friends! (Plus you help get cannabis legal!)

  7. Streaking lets you meat loads of new people!
  8. lol i noticed that
  9. nothing gets by this guy! :D
  10. South Bay isn't that where santa monica and venice beach are at? It's a slight travel for me to get there but I can only imagine lots of crazy awesome people live around there.
  11. No..not really i just didnt spell check it.
  12. I say go hit up the skatepark, great place to meet people, considering there's tons of stoners at every skatepark I've ever heard of.

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