Making my own Hash, Advice please

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by SimplySmaLLs, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. so ive got about 5 gs of some regular middies, i was going to push thru my grinder into keif.

    my questions are:

    -could i put the keif in the 91% ISO or would that ruin everything?
    -Ive been told to "wash" my grinder with the 91% ISO to get more of the keif, and tricky bud pieces out.

    i pretty much just wanna know if i can make HASH with souly just keif?

    My plan would be to push 5gs of buds thru my "glider" grinder into keif, then just pour that keif into a mason jar with some ISO for 30 seconds, and let dry.

    Please advice or tips so i dont fuck up would be bomb diggity, THANKS!
  2. dude, just press the kief into hash.

  3. Retarted Question im sure, but.... how? i mean lol i'm 20 and i've never heard how to do this

    P.s The rolls in your sig = Love
  4. just get a pollen press, or wrap it up in some wax paper and then tin foil and press it with an iron on low heat.

    iso is used for the extraction of thc from plant matter it is not necessary for kief
  5. Word, Very much appreciated, ill read the link after i hit this bowl :)
  6. sorry not trying to jack this thread ....but lets say i had about 4 gs of shake and stems built up should i just try a iso wash??
  7. ^ thanks for the quick responce .. what do you think my yeild will be. btw im using a mix between pretty dank beasters ( about .5 to a g) and the rest is middies.
  8. puffpuff about a gram maybe if ur lucky

    to OP yes you can use just kief to make iso hash. From what ive heard, you actually get more back if you use kief instead of buds, but you would need a lot of fuckin kief lol
  9. Stupid question but what is Keif?
  10. The little crystals that fall of your bud when you grind it
    Much more potent than the bud itself
  11. you can make hash from trimmings, buds, stems, keif (rofl "what is keif?" ^). if youre just using keif, you can get a pollen press. you can also make shoe hash, or wrap in in tin foil then paper and ironing it with the steam setting until it gets nice and sticky. lots of ways to make hash. always...:smoking::smoking::smoking:

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