Making Live Rosin using Dry Ice??

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    Hi all! So I got a question for you all...

    I am going to be harvesting soon (Barney's Farm Amnesia Lemon) and I was going to do an dry ice bubble bag extraction which I then plan to turn into rosin. But then I started thinking: Could I make a LIVE ROSIN by doing the dry ice method right after the chop?

    I know with professional set-ups, they flash freeze after the chop then do their butane/propane/co2 extraction process. It seems to me that I should be able to do something similar with dry ice. Here's my hypothetical scenario: Chop the plants, break them down to smaller buds, pop them in the bucket with the dry ice (probably a layer sandwiching all the buds), let it freeze up, give it a little agitation, then move it to the bubble bags for the real shake out. Collect all the ostensibly live trichomes, and then press that into rosin.

    My thought was that the dry ice is going to be freezing all the water in the bud while it knocks the trich heads off. One of the big reasons pros freeze before extracting is because it locks the water in the buds, and the presence of water can mess with the solvent (butane, propane, etc.) and prevent a proper extraction. Since I'm not using a chemical solvent anyway, would it even matter? If I had any water present in my final hash, I could just let it sit for a day (assuming I even need to, since having the hash a little less than dry makes for a better press).

    What do you all think? Is this possible/anyone try it before? Is this just wishful thinking?
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  2. Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture

    Turns weed into kief-hash as fast as possible. Been doing it for a few years.
    Low on hash it was time.
    Recovering the Dry Ice after shake
    3 grabs from the 5 gallon bucket O buds is about right to load the pre-chill smasher.
    Chewed through about 3 gallons of good quality spring buds.
    Go on dump it in
    Ya like that.
    I like this part best. DOH !!!

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  3. Really neat set up you have there. Looks like it certainly does the trick

    But my question to you would be was that bud freshly harvested (i.e. chopped off the plant less than 24 hours ago)?

    I want to know if I can do a dry ice extraction with fresh, NON-dried buds.
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    By the way, what is this contraption you've made here?

    This is your Sawzall agitator. Gotcha.
  5. That IS the hashmaster 5000.
    Turns weed to hash in 60 seconds.
    Chews through a lotta weed really fast so it's not for the faint of heart.
    I started doing this by hand but I'm old and tire fast so I needed a much faster power method.
    I get about 15% back as high grade kief and process the leftovers for Rick Simpson oil later with 190 proof Alcohol
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  6. Nice. Very cool.

    So, are you using fresh, non-dried and cured buds? That is what my question is about.
  7. Hashmaster for the effing win![​IMG]

    Very interested too in knowing how flash frozen uncured flower can be shaken.

    I am also curious about using frozen quarters before the dry ice for better meltly hash pressing but have not had the chance to try it. Supposedly less aggressive and could use finer screen then switch to dry ice for the second shake.
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  8. No. It's been curing in jars or buckets with 62% Boveda packs for about 8-10 weeks since it was harvested.
    I harvest on a every 10 week scheduling and I'm not in any hurry for the next run of hash so it gets a good cure.
    Tried running fresh material with less then my usual results so I went back to what I knew works.
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  9. Another satisfied user of the HM5K. I think there are about 10 of them built and in regular use now around the city.
    Mook, I don't have any freezer space or I'd have given it a try. Do experiment and report your findings as the more info we gather the better for all users.
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  10. Yeah, I want to know about trying to make live rosin (pressing out hash created from buds harvested less than 36 hours ago), including if it's even possible. So I am happy to hear that you DID try using freshly harvested material before. I want to know more about that!! How did that go? Was it just a matter of not getting the same yields? I want to know everything you can tell me about that experiment.

    I have also read about using super frozen quarters (the coin, in case anyone was scratching their heads) to help the agitation process. For now, I think I will just stick to buds and dry ice until I've got a couple of runs under my belt.
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  11. @blackey5000
    I've got a 10 ton axel press in my storage garage that I'm just waiting on a friend to help me move.( next month ) that I plan on doing some live resin pressing with. So I'll have to get back to you on that in a bit. :)
    Didn't feel like messing with a hair straighter and C clamp.

    Go big or go home !! :)
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  12. I've made myself a press out of a table vice and disassembled hair straightener. Presses out pure fire. Started with hand strength and a straightener, to using a vice table with the straightener, to grabbing JB Weld and making my own proper press (I should really upload pictures...). One day I'll upgrade to the 12-ton model... :)

    But what about using the freshly harvested stuff with dry ice? I have been trying to find out more about that.

    Local dispensaries sell a LIVE RESIN which is very different from a ROSIN which is solvent-less. I know all about making rosin in general, but I want to know if it's possible to make LIVE rosin.
  13. After a couple of shakes with really fresh material and dry ice I wasn't happy with the results both for the really green color and it just wasn't as strong and shorter lasting. The 8-10 weeks of cure gives me back a very golden Kief-hash and the stone is much deeper and hangs on a long time.
    So personally I'll keep on giving it the cure and working with it.
    I've settled into a well known and regularly repeated method that I can do on autopilot and never mess up a batch.
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  14. Thanks for sharing your results. As you say, I think the real thing here is going to be doing my own experiments. I just figured I can't be the first person to think about this, and wanted to draw on as much collective knowledge as possible. So, again, thank you!
    One of the biggest complaints I hear overall about using dry ice is that the final product is messier than water/ice extracting. And while I won't really argue the fact, I am wondering just how much of a difference it's even going to make since I plan to press absolutely all of it, and through a filter on top of it. So, I feel like I don't need to have any concern about excess(ive) plant material in whatever hash I make. Make end goal is to get as much terpenes (THC and all the flavorful ones, with emphasis on the latter) off the plant as possible to then press into rosin. So overall THC content isn't even really a great concern of mine, aside from it's overall effect on yields (crappy bud's not gonna give you much no matter how you extract it).
    I'll keep probing the community in various places, and see what more I can learn. But, as we've both said, it's going most likely come down to personal experimentation. And, when I do so, I'll definitely be reporting back to the community. Until we can get university-funded research on this plant, it's gonna be civilian-science for now.
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    The press yields I have seen from dry ice hash in some videos where they press 10g of hash at a time and squeeze it 2 times were super impressive.

    Giant ass rosin ball being worked by hand makes me drool.

    With cured flower:
    I would think up to 25% return with dry ice but that 5-10% return from a very good dry sift or bubble esp. makes the best rosin pressed hash.

    With a small enough micron screen in theory you could shake out very fine hash and press the hash with just a heated tool in some parchment, if it is clean enough you may be able to not use a filter bag or press at all.
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  16. Yeah man. I did it a couple of times with some bubble hash I made. The comparison between pressing buds and pressing hash was amazing. It was like pressing butter. A little resistance at first while it heats, and then pure golden goo. I don't have a proper scale, but the returns had to have been something like 95%. Even on my crappy kitchen scale, 6 grams in came out as 6 grams (one actually weighed out MORE after I pressed it, by like a whole gram... dafuq?). I had to press each filter a couple of times, but man oh man was it worth the effort.
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  17. Hash is my best friend.

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  18. Haha brass, you show off! Hashmaster 5000 ftw!

    I will say about the op. He is persistent.

    Gus' Unique Selections can help with your pressing questions. He loves to talk weed just like brass. Always with fantastic explanations.

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  19. Obviously noted that the thread has been quiet for a while, still, that doesn't stop me or anyone from sharing something that is helpful and provides useful information. Now, where was I? Oh, you said you were going to make a dry ice bubble bag? It's not as easy as it may sound, it's harder than you think (No pun intended). For safety, I would recommend: Make sure to put on gloves before handling dry ice. dry ice comes in contact with your bare skin, it could burn. I would ask that you look into my signature for more details on dry ice or any guide that seems helpful to you for that matter. Well, I at least now I can teach people about many things that includes dry ice and many more. I am always happy to help in any way I can, peace.

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