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Making High Quality BHO

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Cuba, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. The other day I decided to have a go at making some BHO. Now I can buy the stuff around here but its quite expensive, $15/g and its still quite dark but turns to a gold colour when smeared onto a paper.

    I want to make some of this stuff that I have been seeing on the internet:

    The sparkly golden stuff!

    So I'm going to explain exactly what I did yesterday and hopefully you guys can help me get this next time around.

    For the extractor I used a turkey baster measures 20cm in length and 2cm diameter.

    I believe this is where a big part of my problem lies. I chose a turkey baster because I didn't want to use PVC pipe due to solvent issues and I didn't want to buy an expensive extractor. I also think that the size of the extractor is a problem, it probably needs to be at least twice the diameter.

    Next the weed, I went to buy an oz of dro and ended up getting 10g of fucking shake! My intentions where to use good quality nugs...but then I would have to smoke the shake.I decided to keep nugs to smoke and use shake to make bho with. Next time i will use nugs.

    I have been told that one of the most important parts of making good bho is to make sure that it is completely dried out first. I assume that is because the water int he weed will dissolve some of the plant matter when doing the extraction? Anyways I was really excited to make my first batch of oil so I just threw the shake into the oven at 200F for 20 mins or so then took it out.

    Next I picked out all the stems and ground up and little nugs in my hand buster. Started packing the 10g of dro shake into the baster a little at a time and packing it down with the handle of a wooden spoon. Once filled I placed a metal pipe screen over the open end of the baster, covered that with two coffee filters and clamped it together with a hose clamp. Here is a pic of all my materials together:

    Ok so everything is set-up to go. Extractor is full, water is boiling on the stove for my hot water bath, pyrex pan and can of butane. I have looked all over the internet and it looks like Canadians choose Colibri/London butane and Americans prefer vector. Well I live in the maritimes of Canada and lucky us we can't get either where I am! I literally searched every department store, walmart, canadian tire, smoke shops, gas stations, everywhere! The only ones i can buy here are: Ronson (gross), Benz-0-matic (also gross), camping butane and Clipper. I chose Clipper because my local head shop carried it and it says 7x refined.

    However, I did the mirror test and there was a decent amount of residue left behind, and it smelt quite bad. I will not be using this brand again, I will be ordering something online, let me know what brand you prefer!

    Alright so now everything is done. I ran the full 139g/250mL can of butane through the extractor and it all drips out onto the pyrex. Then I had a problem, my hot water bath didn't fit the pyrex tray. So I had to improvise and use a different container filled only with warm water from the bathtub. Because of this the bho did not bubble rapidly and I never got the big sticky bubbles that you see all over the internet.



    So would that have been a factor in the quality of the finished product? Or is that something that people do just to speed up the process of evaporating the butane?

    Here is my finished product:

    The stuff in the front is the bho and the darker oil in the back is the iso-alcohol wash that I did after the butane run. Remember I'm only doing this for personal use and I didn't expect to get too much from 10g of dro shake. But I got probably twice as much from the iso wash than the bho. How can I change that ratio? should I have run more butane through the extractor?

    The bho is about the same quality as the stuff I can buy around here so I am happy with my result for my first time ever making bho. That being said I will not be satisfied until I can make the sparkly golden goo so any tips on the process would be greatly appreciated. (Wouldn't mind making another batch for 420!)

    This is my first post ever so I hope I did ok, couldn't figure out how to get my pics onto the thread so i just attached them.

    Thanks for the help!

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  2. Well still no reply on this yet but I already tried out a new batch with much better results. Toking my finished product now so i'm sorry for any typos.

    I used some decent quality nugs this time around, indoor i believe. 10-12g ground up, all stems removed then dried in the oven at 150F for 30-40 min.

    Still used the turkey baster extractor with a coupl more modifications from last time to minimize leakage . I have a glass extractor coming in the mail!!! :D . Took much more time packing the tube making sure that it was even and firmly packed.

    I could only use clipper butane this time but i have some higher quality butane coming in the mail for next time.

    Made sure that I had a hot water bath ready to purge the oil. Finished product is excellent, still quite dark when in a ball.

    First two pics are the finished bho, the weed, the green stuff and oil after is the iso wash i did after the bho run.

    I got about 1.1g of bho and .6 of the iso hash. Extremely happy with the product but still looking to get it a lighter yellow.....Any suggestions please?!?!?

    Thanks for looking,


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  3. are you grinding up all the buds before you run them? and what are you using as a filter?
  4. yea i ground up the then dried in the oven. using a small metal screen that just fits inside the end of the turkey baster then two coffee filters and hose clamp.

    Im assuming that if I want to get the golden-yellow bho i would need to use dro?
  5. yea.... i dunno why its coming out so damn green.... but when i make qwiso it comes out that green, and butane shouldnt be able to pull that much chlorophyll out
  6. the picture of the pyrex dish isnt the bho its the 2nd run i did the iso-alcohol wash. The only pics i took of the bho is the end product.

    Could the quality of the butane make my bho dark? I mean the best i can buy locally is clipper which apparently isn't great and it does smell quite bad. I have a few cans of Colibri butane coming soon to try and get better quality product.
  7. Son, let me teach. If you're going for quality, please don't grind up your shit. Pack it to where it would, if it could, feel like a loose joint. Only need one filter and dry it in a food dehydrator on the lowest setting over a nice 20 minute interval. The main factors effecting your oil will be quality of bud, and brand of butane. Colibri and vector are my choices and I only use dank buds. Purge purge purge vacuum purge my friend, and you will have stable blonde hash oil. Also don't forget that butane is an extremely dangerous solvent and reacts very violently with almost anything homie. Stay safe.
  8. 10-12 grams of weed for 1.7 grams of hash. no wonder why so many people can't afford to make hash. And you were using buds, which is supposed to yield more than trim, which sirsog recommended using.

  9. lol 1.7 grams of hash oil, containing the same cannabinoid content as those 10-12 grams of weed, remember that

    and i recommend using bud, but thats just not cost effective in most areas because dealers are greedy.... trim is worth like... 5-10 bucks an oz and if its good, yields only slightly less.
  10. I've asked around for trim, not seriously, but I believe I can get it. I'm not doubting the hash at all, just saying the price of 10-12 grams is not worth it if it's only going to yield less than a gram of hash. I went through a gram of hash in several days.
  11. lol if you are making legit hash OIL, not hash, 1.7 grams is a good quantity man.

    Also if you are using trim 10-12 grams should cost you a few dollars....

    You seem to love hash so much, and hate it so much

    just the other day you said it was your one and only, you would never smoke weed again, now you are acting as if hash isnt enough and you would choose 10-12 grams over 1.7 grams of oil, both containing the same quantity of chemicals that get you high lol

    like to argue much?
  12. The only argument is the cost. He said he was using buds. I replied that it costs too much to use buds to make hash. Nowhere did I say hash isn't good or enough. I'm going to stop being lazy about it and pursue some trim sources to make hash.
  13. well.. it depends on location, i can go get some super fucking fire bud for 180 an oz....

    or some still dank but not kick your ass fire for 80 an oz....

    or some extremely high mids for...40 an oz.....

    40 an oz for bud that will yield me 2+ grams of oil.... oil costs to buy ~30 bucks a gram, usually, some charge way more, or less.....

    i saved money lol
  14. You get shit WAAAAAY cheaper than we do over here in columbus, ohio. Normal price of dank bud on campus is 50 an 1/8th. I pay 40 for top line quality. Lemon G, the best strain in columbus, arguably, is going for around 300-325 an ounce. Let's just say, I can understand how you feel like anyone should be able to make tons of hash and make it easily with the prices you pay. The problem is not everyone is as fortunate as you.
  15. Dude... Im gonna move to your location. Prices are awful here.

  16. lol i know that, i said, its all about location man

    shit was 50 an 8th here 4 years ago, mmj happened, and prices swiftly dropped.
  17. haha I don't know why this turned into an argument about price....im not looking to make this stuff to sell, just personal use.

    10-12 grams down to 1.1 g of bho... thats approximately 10% THC content of the weed. this would make sense with the weed i used, mid-grade.

    Then i did the iso-alcohol wash to get the remaining THC out. So its not like any of the weed is going to waste.

    The only purpose for this thread was to gain tips and pointers on how to make better quality bho.


  18. Did you mix them?
    I swear you're missing the pictures of your BHO, it would not come out anywhere near that dark unless you did it way wrong.
    what kind of tane are you using? you want that quality shit, I've never seen a can that looks like that used for BHO
  19. I don't know how many times that butane is refined, but it being a low quality might be why it came out dark? I would recommend trying it again with vector butane its 5x refined.
  20. yea its not very good but it is the best stuff i can buy locally. i have colibri butane coming in the mail as well as a glass extraction tube.

    I have a question about packing the extraction tube. why would you not bust up the nugs before you pack them in the tube? would you do one run of whole nugs then do a second run after you ground them up?

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