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  1. well, Ive never had hash, and decided to try it,so I got about 1/4 of stems and seeds, was gonna wait for an oz but got too impationt..

    well heres how it went...

    I used an electric coffee grinder thast turned the seends and stems into a powder like...

    then put it in a glass bottle, with everclear, heated the bottle to boiling, very carefully not to catch everclear on fire, afte rit got to boiling, I shook the shit outta the bottle, repated about 3 times, letting it site, for 30 mins at a time..... I read alot about it, and know It should take like 1-2 days, but I was anctious, and the alcohol was a greenish brownish color, so I had about, 1/4 cup of alcohol left now.. and put it all on a big place-dish, and let it evaporate, after that I uses one of those soft rubber spatula things to scrape it all off, and I go tlike, maybe a ball of goo the size of umm, maybe 3 16ths of an inch, so I smoked it carefully, never really burning it, just letting it get hot enough to taste it, until it was gone, and I was pretty high....

    conclusion, save ur seeds and stems!

    share ur hash experiences here.....
  2. you made it with just seeds and stems?
  3. :D awww let'em have his fun
    i was waitin for him to say he drank the sh#*
  4. well it was just a test anyways, I'll make smoe from like a half of weed and seeds and stems sometime... or a oz.

  5. lol, BTW ever heard of green dragon? ITs like a shot of everclear, that you soaked like 1/8th grinded powdered pot into, wait a few days, shake here and there, strain the shit out, drink it, you get a nice little drunkness, and higher than hell, maybe I'll try that too one day..
  6. sure ive heard of a green dragon....
    it was your stem and seed mixture that just kinda thew me off for a sec.
    have fun

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