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Making hash with normal alcohol?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BearKush, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Right I was bored so I've got some gin which wont be used and I have washed my grinder with it. It's currently nearly all evaporated out of the bowl but I just wanted to be sure if it is okay to smoke?
  2. idk about that man. ive heard of people using super high proof everclear, not gin.
  3. I have to be honest it smell's godly but I don't want to kill myself here.
  4. Smoked some. high as fuck
  5. Fyi Gin would have some type of sugar in it from the juniper berries used in making it. When you let the alcohol evap out your gonna get Thc+sugars+ whatever is in the gin thats not in Isopropyl.

    So when you hit the "hash" you are most likely inhaling caramelized sugars along with it.

    I don't believe that is very good for your lungs.
  6. I don't believe that is very good for your lungs.[​IMG]

  7. Agreed I thought about the sugars after and was like doh! I did smoke it. It wasnt too bad tasted really well and was smooth.
  8. Good idea :smoking: make a tincture next time with the liquor, and bud.

  9. Not sure how much u spent on the Gin bear but rubbing alcohol is only $1 and it is more effective.

    If you feel more comfortable using drinkable alcohol rather then non drinkable alcohol then maybe you should do more research.

    If evaporated using the double boil method and time, you will get rid of all of the unwanted alcohol making a killer product in the end.

  10. I bought some ISO but it didnt arrive till today. The gin was spare and I totally agree its expensive! I basically washed my Grinder with it then added it to a bowl and boiled it all off probably got about 0.2g of hash. It smelt amazing due to the gin's flavour and smoked fine. High didn't last long probably due to the sugars in gin and lack of proof in gin.

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