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making hash from vaporized weed.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CellaDwella, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this or if anyone knows if it will work? Before you just say no, let me say this: the vape'd weed I would use is all from extremely dank bud. So this is what I'm thinking. From what I've read, weed that has been vaporized usually still contains about 10% of the THC it originally had. If my vaporized weed started off with a really high percentage of THC and it still has 10% of that thc on it then couldn't you make hash if you had enough?
  2. Sure you could. I'm not making any promises about yield, but you are right that there is probably thc left. If I was you, I'd go the iso hash way as sifting might not work as well with the diminished potency.
  3. Not sure about this one. But you'll just have to try it! I second the ISO method btw.

  4. ive made bho from vaped dank and it worked wonders. Not much yeild, but youll get more than youd expect.
  5. Yeah you can make ISO hash from it. A lot of people who vape do. Or you can cook it in oil. I was wrecked yesterday from 2 grams of ABV cooked in oil.
  6. 10 percent of 10 percent is 1 percent so out of 100 grams of vaporized ganja you will get HOPEFULLY 1 GRAM of hash.... is it worth it..... id have to say no i mean 5 grams off of a pound sounds like a waste of time
  7. yea tokin is right so if you buy a super fat sack like half o if possible then your looking at almost 1.5 of hash. hash will get you pretty lifted i say have at it!
  8. #8 drummersince99, Dec 6, 2009
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    i made iso hash with a quarter pound of vaporized bud from my volcano and it made about 1 gram of the worst hash ive ever had :(

    i would just use vaporized bud for cooking, seems to work a lot better
  9. I would also suggest trying to make hash oil out of it. Experimented with that with about 7g of vap'ed product, yielded about 1g of darker-honey oil
  10. Hmm... I'm beginning to think that the extraction process isn't too efficient in comparison to edibles.
  11. volcano classic here

    it made the worse hash i have ever smoked
    you are way better off making butter/oil and cooking.

    stuff was black and oilly like. nothing brown or blonde like good hash.
  12. lol i think with a vapo like the volcano, you aren't going to get much return on ABV, either way.
  13. Yes you need a lot though. You're better off making editables. You need about 3x's as much vaped weed as you would normal weed, at least.

    I would use this method for hash but only leave it in the iso alcohol for a minute max, not 24 hours.
  14. I actually just did this last week, i turned about a half oz worth of vaped bud into qwiso and it came out pretty good and i got a nice little ball of hash that lasted me about a week.

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