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Making firecrackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by k1rly, May 11, 2011.

  1. making firecrackers tonight and plan to cook them tomorrow. I mixed olive oil,natural PB and some nutella with .6 of herb each between two grahm crackers. cooking them tomorrow morning will post results
  2. Good luck bro. I made peanut butter with 1.5g of some serious dank Skunk... ate half of it on a bagel. Did that at 3, still high.
  3. Haha thanks just hope its not a waste only made edibles once before as a n00bie a couple of years ago
  4. Firecrackers are great, easy and taste good. I love eating two or three at night then watching a movie and playing some rift :) - By evening I mean around 4 pm and until about three or four am :) - I do tend to make potent ones though and space those out of course (i do not eat all three at once)
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    :p you can make just peanut butter to eat. I do believe the post is stickied, it's the Canna nut butter post I think... takes 24 minutes to cook but its oh so good. :smoke: Tastes great and its super crunchy! Doing some before my classes then going to work 8)
  6. Just popped two of my 0.6ers in the oven at 350 for 22 minutes, plan to smoke a bowl while I wait for them to cook and I plan on eating both
  7. enjoy they are a blast
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    Just consumed them and smoked a bowl before that, hopefully in 2 hours I will be high again

    EDIT:seems like they didnt work maybe i needed more herb
  9. Don't smoke before you do edibles. Or after. Try using the peanut butter recipe I mentioneed earlier. That is gauranteed to fuck you up! Good luck.

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