Making Feminized Seeds

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by bubonicplague, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. I know the process requires that you take a plant and make it hermie

    But is that all there is to it, will the seeds that come of it be 100% female

    Or is there other steps


    -- the bubonic plague
  2. i think this is a question for drbudgreengenes. i dont thinkl its as easy as that, or else everyone would hermie a plant and just get hundreds of seeds for the price of 5 or 10. i think it has to do something with pollinating a hermie with another hermie.

    or it could be continually breeding a plant untill it has lost most of the genes for male production. kind of like what estrogen is starting to do with the water supply. males become infertile because they were exposed to too much estrogen. thus no more males to reproduce with. the only problem with this is that eventually, the plants will evolve, or die out.
  3. I don't think it's that complicated. A female plant fucks another female plant, it's all female genes. It was always my understanding that you just hermie'd a female, then pollinate another female with it (or itself possibly? not sure). 100% female genes.
  4. I don't see where you get 100% female genes from 1 Hermie and 1 Female. I'm pretty sure it's hormonally induced (like they spray the seed sites with hormones or something).
  5. nope pretty sure thats how it works, your payin for genetics when you buy seeds
  6. femmed seeds have about a 1 percent chance of either going hermie or male, femmed seeds are created by a female being pollinated by a hermie. pretty simple!
  7. yes it is that simple. you can induce a female into producing pollen at specific sites with things like hormones and c. silver introduction. you take the pollen from those sites and pollinate a female with it. you can even pollinate the same female.

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