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Making Feminized Seeds???

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by 1stone1, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Hi, I'm going to try to make some feminized cannabis seeds using the colloidal silver method. I have two Girl Scout Haze Cookies (GSHC) clones and I'm get ready to switch the light schedule to 12-12. Finally to my first question, when do I start to spray the plants with the silver? From what I have read some say when you switch light and others say after the plants start to show female flowers. My second question is if I get this to work will the female turned male continue to grow as a male for the rest of its life cycle? I'm asking this because I have other seedlings that are not ready for the light change that I wanted to bread with the GSHC. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. before you spray take as many clones off the plant as you ,,,,,,only the branch or branches you spray will have male flowers on them rest of plant will keep female ,,,,use the one clones to make the seed with( and make S1 seed) ,,,or spray a different strain female plant and use the male pollen to make crosses,,mac..
    ps think i'd spray when plant is put in to flowering ,,,mac..
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  3. Thanks for the fast reply. I was going to spray the whole plant and when she turned male put him in a grow room with the female and let nature take its course. That's why I was wondering if the sprayed plant will stay male for it's life cycle.
  4. I am about to feminize my plants.

    All of them are from feminized seeds.

    They are about ready to harvest. Full or resin..

    I'll cut 3/4 of the buds to dry and then get a mist sprayer and completely soak all the remaining buds.

    In a week or 10 days.. There will be some of the nicest seeds ever.

    I want to get hundreds or thousands of seeds to plant in the wild next year.

    If we all do this with our extra seeds there is no way they can stop us.
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  5. You really aren't gonna want that many seeds. You'll have 1000's depending on how many flowering females. Better idea is treat branches and still get 100's. Good luck

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  6. Yeah I mean just a couple branches. I do want lots of seeds.
    We should all participate in a month long "weed out" in the spring.
    Can you imagine all those resin covered girls in the fall...

    Don't forget to give them a good spray in the fall, so the animals and humans can all enjoy the plant and seeds for years to come.

    And it will really piss off the anti-pot folks.. Whoo Hoo..
  7. That’s a bad idea. If anyone in a couple mile radius is growing and you end up with herms from your seeds you’re gonna ruin their crops unbenownced to them. They say the pollen can travel like 5 miles on the breeze. Don’t just throw seeds into the wild. Think about your fellow growers.
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  8. I can't be concerned with other growers. I want weed to be everywhere and with feminized seeds it will be top quality growth in the spring. Taking the ditch weed up a notch at the same time.

    I was thinking of spraying the plant then immediately uproot it and soak the root mass with Colloidal Silver..
    Then hang it upside down. Giving the roots and plant CS to keep it moist. No mold happens with CS.
    That stuff is incredible. For sure the CS will keep the plant alive long enough to produce great seeds.
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  9. Thanks for the advice, making seeds is fairly new to me and collecting the pollen as opposed to let it fly free didn't work for me on my first attempt to make regular seeds. And trust me my buddies won't mind if I end up with thousands of seeds. Any idea if the new male will stay a male for its life cycle??
  10. It is going to take more than 10 days for your seeds to mature. I think it takes about 6 weeks for seeds to mature. You can get some in 4 weeks maybe, but might not germ as well.

    You are not going to get a plant to make seeds if you pull it out of the ground and hang it. I don't see that happening. If you think so, can you please explain how that could even be possible?
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  11. For sure it wasn't more than 10 days.
    I'll check them after a week to see.

    You can clone pot branches quite easily. With Colloidal Silver those plants may stay alive much longer...
    Just getting the first hints of frost...
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    Are you guys using this stuff,or something else ?
    I had good results from this brand ONCE,but now I'm trying it again just like I did it before (on a different strain), and it aint doing SHIT ! ...I cant figure out why....It worked great the first bottle I bought, now nuthin' ...
  14. Trimmed 90% of my plants and applied Colloidal Silver yesterday. Just in time.
    A pretty hard frost this morning. But Pot is tuff.

    I'll put more CS on today and check after a week or two.
    The previous Feminized seeds may have matured somewhat during drying?'

    I have been making my own CS for years and just last year found out about the seed stuff.
    Wow now we can over grow 'em
  15. I wanted to go a little further on the OP's question. I did the CS on my second plant I grew, but only did a couple of flowers so only got a small amount of pollen. I used this up trying to pollinate the next female I grew but had some major problems with it (it was an auto so I couldn't take any clones).

    I plan on getting some more seeds and try again, but I am facing a dilemma. I only have one area to grow and can't keep a mother going, hence the desire for seeds. Keeping buying seeds or clones is going to kill me. So, here is my question, is it possible to CS some of a plant to get pollen AND get that same plant to go to seed? My thought, if it's possible, is to do the one plant, get some pollen and seeds and then plant two or three more when it is finished.
  16. The plant sprayed will remain a male. After the he/she drops the pollen...toss her. Her job is done.

    I would devote 2 plants.....spraying one to be the male and pollenate the other. I've done this procedure a few times and in my experience, the amount of seed produced is far less than if you were just banging 2 regular M/F plants together. Anyone else notice this?

    The seeds will need a good 6 weeks to form and be viable. You'll want to spray the donor plant a few times....and I spray the donor male a week+ before I flip to 12/12 to get things started before I pair up the 2 plants doin the deed. (It takes a bit of time to see the switch happen).

    Wmoon.....it's tough to play with pollen in a closed area and not fuck everyone around. Find a closet for a second spot to do this...or just face the fact you;ll have to have some downtime to focus on making seed so you'll have seed for YEARS.

    best of luck all.
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    How could you not give a shit about messing up others crop? I dont get it. I'm not saying I like getting fkd but im not looking to fk noone else either. Karma train coming.

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  18. I know I am new to this, and I might be wrong, but doesn't CS just force the flowers that it is sprayed on to switch sex and grow pollen? If that were the case, if you "soaked" the roots in it, wouldn't that just produce pollen at every spot there would be a flower? How could that produce seeds, unless you are hanging it "over" a female plant that is flowering? Am I wrong?
  19. The first time I tried this,using Tiresias Mist,and following directions on the label, Here's what happened :
    The single branch that I sprayed produced male flowers with lots of pollen,at the same time buds were developing on the rest of that plant,and on all the other plants in the room.
    The pollen sacs opened-up in time to pollinate the buds on that plant AND on all the other plants in the room.
    I got a lifetime supply of seeds for the 'doner' plant strain,plus a new cross with the other strain that was in the room during that grow, and some pollen to save in a bag for later.
    On the next grow in that room, I applied some of that old pollen to one bud of a different strain,and produced another bunch of cross-breed seeds from that.
    Then on the next grow in that room, I used seeds from the first and second 'seed-run' , grew the two new cross-breeds,and produced a great crop of nice big buds,with random pockets of seeds in those buds ( That should NOT have happened)
    So,The conclusion is,either one of two things happened,
    (1) The pollen stays in the room forfuckingever, or -
    (2) The homemade feminized seeds carry a 'hermie' trait to their offspring plants.
    Either way, I kept getting more seeds that I don't need from those strains.
    So now, I tried the mist again ,(a new bottle) on a DIFFERENT strain,hoping to get a lifetime supply of this strain (Blueberry)
    and, I got NOTHING...NADA...Just like I never even sprayed this time...All female flowers,No pollen, No Explanation.
  20. Here's how it works by the directions
    Start daily misting on one branch just after beginning Flower light cycle,but BEFORE plant shows it's sex.
    Continue misting that same branch once a day for 20 days,
    Male flowers will form on that branch only.
    Pollen sacs open around halfway thru Flowering time,and pollinate everything in the room.
    And you can bag some (or all,if you catch it in time) of the pollen and save it for later.

    Spraying developed buds,roots,leaves,etc,etc, ain't gonna do GUANO !

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