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Making edibles with herb that has been vaporized? Make hash out of it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mumbojumbo, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. So I got a SSV and it rocks my world. Use it as my ONLY way of using....but I have heard you can make edibles or make hash or even smoke the left overs if you really wanted to?

    How potent would it still be? I mean say 1/4er or 1/3rd?

    I have made edibles out of nuggs before....13 grams into 1lb butter and made 50 cookies...was like .24 g's per cookie and with that experience 1g edibles was golden for a good hight and 2g's equivalent put you way over the top and high when you woke up the next day.

    Is it even worth making? Or just toss it out?

    What would you suggest making?

    Has it all been heated enough to just put into say fire crackers - peanut butter on crackers and leave it for a bit? Or even peanut butter toast?
  2. Vaped weed gets you high, trust me.
  3. My friend makes some really good brownies out of ABV weed. save your stems as well, they still have a little THC in them you can get out.
  4. You should probably look over in the Edibles Section.

    I scrolled quickly through the first 2 pages and saw 3 threads asking pretty much the exact same thing. I'm sure there's some answers in there somewhere :)
  5. I have the SSV too and the ABV is definitely useable! You can make Hash, Edibles, or tinctures. I'm personally planning on making tinctures with the 16g I have right now.
  6. Golden.

    Can anyone give me a rough estimate for potency? Would 1/3rd or 1/4tr be fair?

    Regular edible say 1g would then need to eat 3-4g's worth for a decent high?

    Would you say condense / withdraw whats left or just put it all in the edible? - just toss it in or melt it in butter or something?
  7. Some of the stuff I've made with abv has been stronger than stuff I've made with uncarb'd fresh weed.
    If you want to see how potent it is, make yourself a firecracker and check that out.
  8. I had 14g of chocolate brown vape duff, and 4g of stems. I cooked it in vegetable oil for an hour - tiny bubbles, slight simmer. I bought a pack of cookies and the recipe called for 1/2 stick of butter (1/2 cup) and an egg.

    Instead I put 3/4 cup oil in the pan. The extra 1/4 cup will absorb into the duff or seemingly evaporate. It ended up turning out to be 1/2 cup canna oil.

    I made 10 large cookies (gave one away). There was 9 cookies, 3 of us eating. We each took one to see what would happen. My buddy and I went to get a couple pitchers of beer in the mean time while they kicked in. We all felt it but it was weak and mild. We all went home and ate our other 2 cookies.

    This equated to 4.7g AVB/1.3 stems each of us. We all got this super heavy stoned feeling. They DEFINITELY work. My GF said they were too strong - just like every edible I feed her. My buddy and I played MW3 forever. I felt really tired. It will make you want to take a nap.

    I guess it's all those higher temp cannabinoids the vape doesn't hit on that I NEVER feel smoking. I slept really good that night.
  9. The beer actually might be why, to be honest.
    Every edible I've ever had at the same time/around the same time as alcohol has been barely effective.
    I actually *use* alcohol to bring me down some if an edible is proving to be too high.
    A shot of vodka in coffee really does the job.

    But yeah, I always advise people that are eating not to have drinks at the same time.
  10. No man my gf doesn't drink and I'm like well?

    That's why she ate the other two cookies too. Then it got 'too intense' because she's a puss :p

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