Making dinner for a girl tomorrow night...what the hell should I make?

Discussion in 'General' started by Foniac, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. No seafood, or things containing chocolate.

  2. Chocolate-stuffed mussels.

    Nah dude, kick it back old school, get some manicotti shells and ricotta cheese, some pasta sauce... And make her baked stuffed manicotti.
  3. If you want some meat, chicken is always a good bet.

    Or pasta, mmm dank.
  4. it depends what she likes and how good you can cook lol, make some chicken parmesan or some shit that's so easy to make and it's good as hell.
  5. Chicken is a wonderful bet. Delicious, nutritious, and sure to make her take her pants off after dessert.
  6. haahahaha
  7. mac and cheese.......

    with rufies

    but suriously get something like chicken its pretty easy to cook and I thinks its perfectly acceptable
  8. What do you know about what girls want?

    Trust me, Top Ramen and microwavable hot dogs is were it's at. :hello:
  9. Well firstly, does she eat meat? The mannacotti(sp) sounds good for real.
  10. Or do the old movie trick, buy some Mickey D's and dress it up so it looks sincere and home-made.

    If she realizes it's Mickey D's and it's not sincere and home-made, she should at least get a good laugh out of it, and you might get laid.
  11. i just don't even see how you can make McD's look home made.. i just don't see it.
  12. Chickens always a good bet, check out some stuff on foodnetwork, Giada De Laurentis made this yummy roman chicken.... drool.

    good luck and let us know how it went.

  13. Well, are you after a stoner chick? Cause man, I'd be damn fine with a bag of cheeto's and a twinkie. :p
  14. Lasagna and garlic bread, should be real easy.
  15. Giada De Laurentis has fantastic breasts.

    In the words of David Spade, "There, I said it."

    Psh, cheap date.
  16. Oh yeah, but still shes just gorgeous in general and shes not all annoying like Rachael Ray.
  17. I love Rachel Ray, too. :p:p

    The Food Network has good taste in women.

    I don't like how Giada speaks normal English, but then when she has an Italian term she pronounces it like an Italian. One or the other, lady.
  18. I won't deny that for a second. I'm a cheap bride too. :p

  19. Rachel Ray is nowhere near as hot as Giada, but im picky when it comes to women.

    and dude for the record, Giada pronounces words in Italian becuase she was born there, In Rome to be exact.
  20. Hmm, I've got a fat sack of weed... will you marry me?

    On a serious note, I hear Portland is a really chill city. How do you like it?

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